Vitebsk: Detention for white-red-white flag

Kastrychnitski duty police department refused to say Igor Balashko journalists and human rights, for which offense detained activists. BHC representative Levinau Paul had to write to this occasion complaint against the illegal acts of policemen also call the regional council MIA. Once there he confirmed that on 19th evening and Khamaida Solovyan really are at the site and that they blame the unauthorized picketing they Tipo made by posting white-red-white flag.
Parsing in office lasted more than 3 hours, provided by legislation. By this occasion Levinau defender Paul also had to write a complaint to the chief of police department.
Head of the October police department Andrei Prokopovych ordered that before the trial of activists positioned in the temporary detention facility. Consider protocols will be drawn up by police tomorrow Oktyabrsky district court.

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