Vitebsk reappeared Mironov flag

As told Serebro, white-red-white flag was attached to the roof of the five-storey building on Herzen Street. While he saw the police, flag hung over the heads of passers-by about forty minutes.
Militiamen caused a fire engine, while the detained journalist checked the documents, but forbade photograph and the flag itself, and how it is removed. After, as the flag was removed and put into a police car, Sergei Silver released.
As it became clear to the flag was attached note: "To days of birth courageous fighter Yankee Filistovich for which the fate of the Motherland was above his life. Glory Belarusian hero! Myron. "
Khamaida noted that he personally vyznat party’s anti-Soviet resistance of the book Alexander Lukashuk "Filistovich. Return nationalist."
September 9, 1951 Janka Filistovich was desantavany on Belarus, as a representative of the Council Belarusian People Republic. He did on Maladechanshchyne anti-Soviet underground group that managed to produce one issue of "Long Live Belarus" and one flyer. September 5, 1952 the group was destroyed Filistovich operational paramilitary MGB BSSR, and eventually seized control of betrayal few days was shot.
January 14 Iancu Filistovich would have turned 84. Elusive Miron said his anniversary.

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