Vitebsk: white-red-white flag on the anniversary Ragulya

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida told Radio Liberty that the sources of the tested him clear of the note that was attached to the flag. According Khamajda sovereign, it is written: "To days of birth famous commander Novogrudskii equestrian shvadronu Boris Rogulya. Glory Belarusian hero! Myron. "
Boris Khamaida mentioned that Boris Ragulya born January 1, 1920, and in the Belarusian history it is known that in the end in 1943 organized and led Novogrudskij equestrian squad, who fought with Russian partisans, also defended the population from robbery by the Germans.
White-red-white flag flew over Vitebsk more hours — until it was removed emergency workers caused by policemen. Meanwhile abyazhzhali police cars nearby yard, looking for the elusive Myron. Flag shoot happened with a special machine of stairs later, the police took him with him to the station.

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