Vladimir Orlov: From today the authorities expect anything

(Karatkevich :) "Residents of several buildings in the center of Minsk — under threat in new resettlement on the outskirts. Karl Marx Street should be pedestrianized, and several houses on the street and Marx Volodarskogo plan to arrange a three-star hotel, casino and shopping center. Vladimir threatens eviction to you? "
(Orlov) ‘Just these Minutka rally started small nursing home number 17, 19, 21a, and some others that fall under the resettlement. This actually happens under my windows. After our conversation, I will join them.
It’s all done in secret from the inhabitants. It turns out that the eviction threatens the inhabitants of all the houses between the streets and Komsomolskaya Volodarskogo. Virtually all is under threat Karl Marx Street. There already is walking joke — do not start the resettlement of the house number 38 Karl Marx Street. We all know there is, huh? "
(Karatkevich :) "Thus, the administration of President Vladimir … are you ready to defend your own home and how?"
(Orlov) "Certainly ready and the same mood all the inhabitants of Karl Marx. Way, for me it is a street Piedmont, [as it was called earlier].
Director of serious construction Leninsky district Leonid Kazakovsky said that nowhere in the world there is no pedestrian streets with residents. Or Leonid Kazakovsky was nowhere more Belarus, what little hard to believe, or he just fools people’s heads. Anyone who has ever traveled to the little world knows that walking the streets of Barcelona people live in Stockholm, Milan, Vienna. If you require more familiar examples — it Arbat Capital, or Cracow suburb in Warsaw, or Dzidzhoy street in Vilnius. "
"We need to change the mustache!"
(Karatkevich :) "After 20 minutes we will talk with the artist Alexei Marochkina, which cut the photo in a book on the works of Nicholas Seleshchuk. What is your prediction as a writer — what other anti-cultural acts capable of power and what it can bring consequences?"
(Orlov) "With your permission, I will mention one more story of Marochkin and censorship. 5 years ago when my book came out," Order of snow-white Mouse ", it housed Pictures Alexei Marochkina. And here we are with Marochkin we see, that one image man with mustache malehankih looks almost like Don Quixote — and stretched his mustache twirled. It turned out that when it was signed in book printing, a bureaucrat of the Press Committee ran a publishing house "Fiction" and yelled: "Lukashenko drew Marochkin: You must change the mustache! So much for us and book unscrew Orlova, sorry, eggs, and here More Marochkin men with painted eggs on the other figure. Cut! "So Marochkin not the first time faced with the fact that something is cut. I expect the current government of anything, as their understanding of our culture back. When Alexander Lukashenko has recently publicly stated that he did not read the books, then hard to give any comments. "
Spy dreams
(Karatkevich :) "Vladimir, they say that as a child you want to become girls, diver patolyagaanatamam, journalists, spy …"
(Orlov) "Russian spy …"
(Karatkevich :) "And what country you want to spy?"
(Orlov) "Then I wanted abezdits whole world, because I wanted to spy in all statesah. "
(Karatkevich :) "devchenkoy And why?"
(Orlov) "In modern parlance, I was even transvestytam, because I tied a handkerchief, walking and stated that I Lyudochka. I was three years old and I really daughter loved our neighbors. But I transvestytam was very long and no recurrence has been preserved. "
(Karatkevich :) "Why patolyagaanatamam What you want to behold inside the human soul apart?"
(Orlov) "Patolyagaanatamam I dreamed to be when I was 5 godika. We had a neighbor patolyagaanatam from which always smelled of cologne, he is always with me playing different games. I very much loved, but could not forgive the 1st — why he refuses even once to take me to work for themselves, as he always smelled of perfume, I thought that patolyagaanatamy work where these spirits are doing. "

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