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Compensates address whether social assistance at least some of the lost benefits?
On the social benefits of the government will save about 500 millions of dollars. Older people, students and pupils lose preferential travel in transport, elderly people who are over 70, kontslyagerav prisoners, disabled 3 groups, donors, Afghans, Chernobyl — 50% discount on medicines. And the list is very very long. In fact, the benefits deprived the poorest groups in the population in Belarus, the average pension — 330 thousand, scholarships — 106 thousand.
Interviews with former Belarusian Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich, who led the first government of the 1990s.
Reporter: "You would time for such a step would go? "
Kebich: "No. I answer for you: no, he would not. I would have taken. I on the contrary, would have found the means to these poorest category of support."
Ex-Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich joked that the selected beneficiaries from funds all the same do not go where it is needed:
"We will increase the number of free-rider — they will not pay for the tickets at their own funds is not — then we’ll give the money controllers. How will pick a poor free-rider — as well give up the controller."

"We have the same date determined by reference to the principles on which still laughing Ilf and Petrov in" 12 chairs ".

On Friday evening at the presidential website came a decree "On some measures of state support of the population." According to him, the right to social welfare benefits kazhdomesyachnoe families and individuals, per capita income does not exceed 100% of the minimum subsistence budget for the last two quarters, on a one-time assistance — whose income is less than 120% of the minimum subsistence budget. At the moment, the size of the living wage on average — 185 670 rubles for the elderly 165 thousand, 197 thousand students.
The decision about the destination state targeted support will be made constantly Commission action made at the district executive committees.
In targeted social support is to determine the actual main reference, says economist Mike Zaleski:
"We have the same date determined by reference to the principles that were laid Russian doctors, academics and Strumilin Nemchinova in the 20s, still laughing over which Ilf and Petrov in" 12 chairs. "There norms laid plain times of war, and they someway supported in the use of small etalons, which are incorporated in our regulations. Because it turns out that the small consumer budget — small which is within the boundaries of the poverty line established by the UN — it was pretty good, so that these basic needs to fill. And here also is the commission. Try on yourself — you’ll be on this commission, which help to wear, and how will you justify that you need to get something? "
In the first half of targeted social assistance covered only 0.33% of the population — the least 32 thousand people.

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