Vyazynka — the capital of the farmer’s republic

In Vyazynka on Kupala land, and three years later I felt like as if in their own plate, talked with the first comer. In general, the locals now call their native village to another.
Man: "We live in the capital of the farmers of the country. Zakrevskogo to work. We call it the emperor, and he us — employees …"
Correspondent"But not laborers?"
Man: "No, of course. Plenty of work, but decent earnings case. Vyazynka In doing from 16 to 60. It will not run …"
Colleagues called 66-year-old monarch Zakrevskogo "patriarch of farming." Paranormal thing — his farm, perhaps one feeds all Maladziechna potatoes. Vladimir says:

Zakrevskii"Awesome company" Small wholesale "takes me 80 tons of potatoes. Could and 500 tons, and more, but will not be able to eat …"
It is now his two hundreds hectares of land, decency appliances, up to fifty pigs. Sometime in the early 90’s, promising to make the village council chairman Radashkavitskaga step in farming, he says, it was as if the abyss. But — forced memory.
Zakrevskii: "Do you think I would have the land? But farm land took my parents, and they were left with what could not find a pile of hay to impose calf. So returned parental land. We have been hosts to not shot. How many people died for denunciation? In Siberia exported those who wish to work on their own land. And now the land grabs, and the grass in the fields. Vyazynka offered in hay nakoshanae — take who wishes. That one milking found workable, 5 cattle holding. More accustomed Government to provide, or steal … "
Naturally, the source says, in the farming business has its conformists. But here, as in the market, everything has its price. And called by their names.
Zakrevskii: "Let’s shut Gavrylenko that rattled — all drunk-squandered. Currently taking nothing, then typed kids do business. Marina there such store had. So come to the village council, says — they eat so much! Hrumstayuts hrumstayuts yes! It conceived, that they lived holy spirit. " (Laughs.)

In times of 90 local farming luck. The impact of the then mayor Gennady Karpenko Molodechno inspired the most enterprising in the village to take quite loans for land and equipment. Decades later, but in the "farmer’s republic" about fifteen of them left. Grouped specifically Vyazynka and neighborhood. But this, as he wrote, Midsummer, "Falcon family" does not shake.
Janusz: "Hunting work — there is strength, mood, a twinkle in the eyes, a great experience. Every year we go — Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, our homeland, Moldova — all investigated. Hunting realize the real creature. And we have to be stronger than them. In another, we will not Belarusians! "
36-year-old Vadim Janusz in farming for 12 years. Vadim — agronomist, professional gardeners. Practiced on nursery stock of apple, pear, strawberries. On leased 10 hectares he can raise them from 80 to 90 thousand a year. He believes that it is zvyshdahodnaya — both for individuals and for the country.
Janusz: "30% ROI! Especially since there requires enormous costs of labor, wages can be paid. We get at least 500-600 thousand. Just want 300 bucks, that, as stated in our president, each farmer receives. This is not just" giving "funds, and earnings for the product, which was sold on the market. During the past year I have the whole product in Russia took — tone twentieth product is very necessary!"
In the farm environment Maladechanshchyne perfectly know the words uttered in public Kasabutsky vertical head: say, in their own farm land farmers did not give, and I will not give here. Janusz Vadim felt it on for themselves when asked to lease 150 hectares.
Janusz: "As said Kasabutsky, gardens Molodechnensky area on 300 hectares pretty. And at the fair will take Polish apples because gardening is not supported here. At his site to build a store, house — you need permission Lukashenko. At least, so treat lawyers in our the executive committee. (Laughs.) Even if the fences put, you need to coordinate … "
But do not give in Maladzechna — give elsewhere. Janusz says:
Janusz: "We have already received an invitation from the Mogilev region, elected great land. Cooperative opened on 4 farmers. Planted a large kennel. 150 ha There is not given, and there give 400. Will 200 hectares of garden — the largest nursery for the country …"
Times after the alarm autumn — not just for the sake adhlannya, and meditation, discussions. Just three years back the emperor gave me Zakrevskii thesis that constantly likes to say now.
Zakrevskii: "Who can survive only a large farm. And about 100 hectares read nothing — it should be 500 or 1000 hectares. Unrealistic farmer have all kinds of techniques and equipment hanging …"
In meetings in the "country farmhouse" theme came out. More precisely, the least affected farmers held than Zakrevskii. I debated this with me already familiar Konstantin Korsakov yes younger Avgenya Titulenko here. Last name and the most outrageous. That’s what he told at a meeting three years reversed:
Titulenko: "I did not get the land and captured. Farmer I invader. 8 years I did not give ground. Commissions was a lot — a paradise-, regional executive committees, and courts Giprazem me engaged. A land once conquered, no help from the country had been received. Ever: drop everything. And I have six kids, I put a lot of money. And willy-nilly, I have a hostage of his own actions. "
Well, gentlemen, now referred to enter into argument with himself "gentleman" Zakrevskii.
Titulenko"If Zakrevskii states that have strong farmer 500 ha, I would suggest him to lie down for 2 months in the clinic. And we’ll see what will happen to his land. More naturally better — increasing inverse funds. But you can get a huge return on revenue and area, the lower half … "
Correspondent"And when Belarus deeply embedded in Europe and gush out cheaper products — whether farmers will be able to compete with it?"

Korsak: "Naturally! Product fresh on site, benign, and we do know that to grow. Soybeans import or some weird hormonal supplements? Germany ate a lot of Polish meat, ailing cancer … most untainted Belarusian market, because we all natural . "
Titulenko: "Chemisation fields we small. Absorbed except weeds. And none of us do not consume any catalysts or hormonal or modified seed. Anyway, in any niche market, we also find …"
Again the word of the Sovereign Zakrevskii — to comment.

"Naturally, a large farm always survive. Either small, but special, which employs family — kids, family. For now a huge problem — no professionals. Obsolete old and young spinning shop around …"
Reporter: "So that in front of you at the moment microphone for ads, who would you invite to work with the experts?"
Zakrevskii: "Decency delivery driver, so no need to run after him to prescribe expensive. Experienced tractor driver, because you go back to the fields, sowing norm governing how bring fertilizers. Over the past 13 years in time intervals was accomplished …"
Reporter: "When the tractor has 220 thousand in the summer, and 50 thousand in the winter — except hunting will work?"
Zakrevskii: "I am someone to pay 700 thousand a year. To work, would be nice to pay. And planted potatoes, and he walks under houses! They show me — there savory, is not there — digging, who wished that …"
In the end, all shared the same sire Vladimir own most treasured and majestic joy last days.
Zakrevskii: "The daug
hter found a desire to work in agriculture, I told her 100 hectares allocated — is a farmer. Gonna build a house, plant a garden. Grandson 16 years — helps. And in the town difficult at the moment, young people begin vorachivatsya — so that’s the only positive thing emerges. .. "
Vorachivayas, I go to 65-year-old monarch Dvarzhetskaga Anatolia. Formally documents on farming in Vyazynka he filed the very first. Although villagers also call it sovereign, everyone knows that the main local Kazimirovich-talker and humorist.

Dvarzhetski: "I have not so much as Zakrevskogo — 2 hectares, slightly less. Grains have a horse and its ptushkaferma — 40 verabev. To list, had to take a picture. (Laughs.) Stroked on the neck of an ostrich, but as a spouse found that bites, not give to have a farm. Turkeys were 26 kg. Son, wife and I ate a day or two. Wondered — how much meat you can eat! A turkey was the sea … "
Three years back the homeless, or, as it is the owner of "Shura", stole and ate his mare. But Pan Anatoly grieve long.
Dvarzhetski: "The mare was canceled. Could not that there were no horses in the yard. Bought another died and foal Dropped milk from cattle …"
Display the massive courtyard of the two-hero Kuze, who rally almost swallowed my camera, the owner invited me into his house. There ran lunar gilt, almost zagryzenae virtually day before adult boar. His mother pachuhvala Dvarzhetskaga — 97-year-old Aunt Zosia.
Zosia: "Mistress was. Lived normally and not hunger strike. The cattle reared — 1st boar himself second children. Ancestors illiterate, not raspishusya itself. I wanted to school, and uttered: the girl is not necessary, and it is necessary to trapalni flax processing. I was a specialist! Century lived a healthy and never fell ill. Grandson zhenila, then danced the polka. Uncle faint, and I say — let’s all! (Laughs.)

Dvarzhetski: "We had five, and all went without medical care — midwife comes, will bind the navel, and all …" (Laughs.)
Reporter: "So what is the secret of longevity?"
Dvarzhetski: "The pressure was not any. Policy never touched. And long live!"
I’m around the house, where is Kupalovsky Memorial Park. This year, his 10 employees just cleaned the neighborhood — the eye rests. According to Belarusian standards, things are relatively good — 7,000 visitors a year, samaakupnasts 30 percent. Researcher at the Ira Trutneva learned me three years after the previous meeting. But then through the "Freedom" we sent the SOS. Now it reads:
Trutneva: Over the years of terror at home changed and shifted the latest shingle. No longer flows, and summer exhibition and is in the barn. Renovated wood bridge over the river Vyazynka. Felling well knit complicated. Lake tried to clean the fish ran. But the bell has no need to peel … "

Prazdnichek Kupala on earth will last and continue. States came to us, a researcher at the Lily Mink:
Mink: "Oh, next year is very fascinating, because the first information about Vyazynka with 1528 — 480 years will be as mentioned in the documents of our Vyazynka ON.
A day or 60 years from the opening of the museum — not crawl out of anniversaries. " (Laughs.)

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