Vysotsky bullpen brought to Minsk concert organizer

Vladimir Vysotsky last 15 years own life often visited Belarus, starred in movies Belarusian filmmakers. In 1979, together with the troupe Taganka Theater in Minsk was on tour. That time, many sought to use to organize a concert Vysotsky. Eventually fortunate to engineer 1st of research institutes Leo letter, which was led by the primary business of book lovers and promised to pay the singer rare books, which in public office had access.
Andrew Vysotsky "gave" pain "concerts
Then deputy chairman of the club of author’s song "Kupalinka" Yuri Zaborowski also had direct relevance to the concert of stars of the Russian stage. Its function was to provide record concerts and formation of urban music library. When in June 1979, it was announced already about 13 performances in the auditorium Vysotsky BelNII "Gipraselgasbud", where at the moment the club "Reactor" Zaborowski took place at the console. However, of the announced concerts held only two — June 9 and 10. The next day Vysotsky was sent to Moscow for healing:
"Vysotsky hard earned money: three" sessions "as he read, once a day. Worked for wear. Incidentally, he had clinical death in Uzbekistan seems to Vchkuduku. But here, too, he was a wild plant. After it became clear that the reason for drugs, although I immediately suspected something. Even in the 1990s I never read about it, but at the moment a lot of time has passed. So here, in the evening he spoke in the House of Cinema, later something else- where c rounds. NIGHT MODE And he became ill. When we arrived and the 10th of his raise, he walks naked at the hotel: for that you need from me? Eventually captured, taken to the room, and he’s one concert on June 10, "pain "as we had read, he gave. Stern was a concert, of course. And when we said goodbye, I loaf: see him again. And terribly taken aback when the call again this autumn, and they say:" Time goes! ".
In the fall, as Yuri says Zaborowski, was scheduled 17 "sessions". There were three. But the effectiveness of such schemes of work are not enough who hesitated actors could earn the then specifically on the "left" concerts because legal fees were small. Through these routes passed Zolotukhin, Rosenbaum Kamburava. Vysotsky although listed as "inaccessible", but not from the media refuses to:
"Three sessions were held. The next day we put the equipment, recorded a few concerts, but the other did not take place — was arrested leaves … Lisets still majestic deal done: Conditions did concerts. Naturally, Wysocki fees required were not 49 rubles (then for concert could pay up to 50 rubles, because paying 49.50). Actor, usually lured anyone else. At the June concerts Vysotsky took Vanya Bortnick and fall helped admin Theatre Valery Yankulovich. They just came out two words had read about Taganka (this is not a concert, but a meeting), and after Vysotsky sang. And two have been $ 100. Vysotsky told you 300! Then it was unimaginable sum: he had somehow squirm sell "left" tickets ".
Lisets flew to Vysotsky "at the technical level"?
For that condemned Leo leaves — Vysotsky organizer concerts in Minsk? According to my informant, still not for concerts. He became a victim of the fight against the exponential unaccounted concerts. Also filgarmonii, creative meetings organization engaged DOSAAF Society "Knowledge" and the scribes. Artist, which ended legitimate tour before leaving could meet with members of the Komsomol, veterans, etc. But when the concerts were held along with this fighting. Summertime "zalet" leaves, left side in the autumn, at the technical level has fallen to Vysotsky, who had no right to cooperate with theatrical touring solo performances:
"He was given 8 years old, was arrested during a concert. Concerts were 29 and 30 September, 31 th is not held. In today was kind of the German delegation. In the radio room comes Director: we delegation, because Vladimir Semenovich, maybe not at 17.30, and a bit later, you suddenly need room. He replies: "Well, well." But I, our equipment has been arrested, locked up and not allowed to stand on stage. Here we are in such a bad condition, are girls who helped letter: concert postponed. Vysotsky: "I understand the director warned that later." They again — no, did not take place. Leaves caused to the Party, held it there for a long time … Naturally, the party organs to this hand made, all with their submission. But I think that they are not afraid of the fact of such meetings, because at that time in the sense skandalnastsi were others, and his concerts just were sustained, regular. People just went around with the brain. Because feared hype. "
30-kopek ticket "flew" for 25 rubles
As the Jury Zaborowski, in its own essence formation fee actors really had a vague formula. But realities, which were delivered organizers:
"Two tickets to the most murderous play" Master and Margarita "was exchanged for one ticket to the concert Vysotsky. Nominally themselves tickets cost 30 cents, what is, in fact, the whole essence of the matter. Tickets were written by 20-30 cents — the scribes, not unions DOSAAF could put more money. But selling them in organizations at least a ruble or two, but with the hands — 5-10, and even 20 5th Excitement was crazy. And when Vysotsky came, and the leaves have already arrested, then hung up ad: concert will not take place due to illness Vysotsky.
It presently there any stores, and was previously the foyer, all glass, prasvechvaetstsa. And behold the audience: from the side entrance went Vysotsky, we are — I have a couple of people. We no concern to the organizers had no just stand to record. Those were happy, that will record perfectly, and not any left, because everyone knew that this urban music library, the name of certain we had. Suddenly some police officials are beginning to disperse: expenses. Vysotsky here just on the street, and out onto the porch reads: "I will sing …" Feared including not predictable consequences. And in this hype every caught fish in troubled vadichtsy as best I could. "
With sentenced 8 years old Leo Lisets served half. After, as stated Yuri Zaborowski, met a couple of times — the last time about 10 years ago. When there were semi-underground book fairs Lisets stood at the dismantling, in other words the book continued business. According to my informant, likely Lisets still enjoyed realities and left Belarus.

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