«We — the only country after the United States, which is developing the fifth generation in aviation»

In the near term, the world is less than 2-majestic aviation powers

On days of Zhukovsky ended International Airshow «MAKS-2013». This is one of the most recognizable in the world of air shows. One indication of the highest status of «Max» is that he is under the patronage of the President of our country.
Recognizable Russian journalist Mikhail Leontiev was guest of this prestigious Aviation Forum, designed to show the merits of Russian industry in the field of aviation and of cosmic technologies, and we approached him to share his views about the event ended.

On the «max» is not only lazy said abomination

I managed to fly the Yak-130 (training and combat aircraft. — Comm. KM.RU). It’s an awesome machine based on belief of building the entire line of pilot training from the source to combat deployment. It is very ductile plane!

On the «max» is not only lazy said abomination and some grounds were many: and the president did not come, although previously always came, and presently sent the Prime Minister; rain and went, and there was virtually no harsh novelties. Yes, flew two models of T-50, but got used to it and no one is striking. This is not a complete aircraft, and advanced layout. We do it ourselves, it is a promising vehicle for our Air Force in the next generation. After the United States, we — the only country which is developing a fifth generation aircraft. From this we can conclude that in the near term, the world is less than 2-majestic aviation powers.

We have a military aircraft virtually no problems. Yes, there are moments technical character, but they are not insurmountable. And in the «citizen» has difficulties, but is the first prototype of the main MC-21 aircraft. This is the broad category of aircraft, the substitution of the Tu-154 and A-320 analogue.

They say that everything is bad, that is not a lot of foreigners, and the organizers were not ready for the rain. Though as it can be ready when people tyschami Poper out from the site and no amount of buses will not be able to take out the people? .. But still, the exhibition is a revealing and symptomatic.

10 years ago, five years ago, and this dream could not

In this exhibition, flew intensively and shown serial planes, buying Russian aircraft. It is not only the Yak-130, and SU-30cm, which enters the quantities actually limit abilities for Russian aviation industry. We also have exports, which reduced, but, nevertheless, it is very significant. That is no one notices that it remained for grumbling neprogovorennym — this is the most enjoyable and the best thing. If it is, then everything else will.

UBS Yak-130

Source: Marina Lisceva / fotografersha.livejournal.com

With all the dilemmas and contradictions, though very hard to go resuscitation civilian aircraft industry, in spite of great obstacles and costs, all of this alive! The main sense of «Max» — a demonstration of the fact that at the moment, our aircraft even livelier than the past «max», and in order livelier than the first «Max.» Then he looked breakthrough unheard prazdnichkom aviation. It was a feast during the plague, but at the moment it is in everyday life is more or less establish life. When else could we quietly show production aircraft purchased his army?

Su-30cm at the MAKS-2013
Source: Marina Lisceva / fotografersha.livejournal.com

10 years ago, five years ago, about this dream and could not, and at the moment they fly, comes in part squadrons mastered. Create increases every year. Give examples. Featured Su-30cm — is a heavy fighter of «four plus», which will be mainly before will be the fifth generation. Yak-130 — a training and combat aircraft, modernized IL-76 — virtually brand new car.

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