We will demonstrate how a monkey behind bars …

"Lim" in 1948, the report prints ideologue Misha Suslov: "The bourgeoisie all states and "sotsyyalistychnyya" henchmen angered and rage due to ongoing our country Leninist principle of party ideology, party literature and art. They wanted to create in- our country ideological confusion, spread under the guise of "freedom of art" of the spiritual booze, by which the mind adurmanvaetstsa workers in the capitalist countries. "
* "Evening Minsk" in 1988 placed the trade Mingorispolkom information Office: "In connection with numerous appeals over the inhabitants of the town of sugar selling Mingorispolkom Trade Office reports that yesterday, January 22, in the shops of the town were sold 67 tons of sugar … Tip Minskers: in Last year in January were implemented once a day 61 tons of sugar. And disruptions to trade them if not observed. There is no reason for concern and at the moment. "
* "Name", year 1998. Director Alexei Lelyavsky says: "If those same neighbors the Poles took the best from the world of puppet theater, we had a policy of" isolation ": that the West — bad. Yet in isolation from one cultural space can not work. We already own shock isolation. Soon we come to what will become the reserved area, feral tribe, and our art will be interesting only because it came to nothing similar. We will demonstrate how a monkey behind bars … "

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