Western media continue to comment on arms deals Russia and Iraq

Western media continue to comment on arms deals Russia and Iraq
TSAMTO, October 11. Zabugornye media continue intensively comment conclusion Russia and Iraq multibillion-dollar contracts to supply weapons and military equipment.

It is about several contracts signed during April-August this year, as it became clear during the visit to Moscow by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Naikrupneyshim of them are contracts for delivery of 30 attack helicopters Mi-28N (according to other sources up to 36 pcs.) And 42 (other sources say up to 48 units). ZRPK 96K6 «Armour-C1.» Total price agreements is estimated at 4.2 billion dollars. Terms and conditions of supply were not disclosed.

According to unofficial disk imaging, side discussions are also buying Iraqi MiG-29 fighters and armored vehicles.

Our homeland relations and Iraq reached a new level — assesses the signing of contracts for the supply of Russian arms Arabic «Al Jazeera.»

As the western media, these contracts derive Russia on the second place after the United States in the list of suppliers of arms to Iraq, but these agreements have yet to be approved by the Iraqi parliament.

Responding to questions from critics, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraqi law without the help of others to choose suppliers of arms. According to him, Iraq buys an instrument in accordance with its needs.

Zabugornye Publishing differently evaluate preconditions solutions adopted by Iraq to purchase a weapon in Russia: the zeal to diversify supply sources and reduce the growing dependence on Washington to compensate for the loss of the Russian Federation as a result of the cancellation of contracts with Iran and easing stance on Syria.

As reported by «Jane’s Defence Weekly», despite the purchase of a large batch of armored vehicles in Ukraine, it was assumed that in the upcoming Baghdad as before the main part of military hardware would receive in the United States. This was confirmed by prisoners in recent years, large contracts for the supply of F-16 fighters, MBT M1 «Abrams» as other weapons, the total price is estimated at 13-15 billion dollars.

According to the representative of the State Department Victoria Nuland, Iraq signed with the United States 467 contracts with MTC, the total price is estimated at 12.3 billion dollars. It must be emphasized that earlier, even as required purchase Russian equipment (helicopters MI-8/17) purchases made through U.S. mediation.

As the western media, it is not clear whether the purchase of weapons and military equipment in Russia configuration strategy in Iraq for the acquisition of weapons, or is it just «episode» to demonstrate «independence» and more lucrative offers for the acquisition of American weapons.

Not everything is clear with respect to the purchase of MiG-29. Despite the fact that in the past these aircraft operated by the Air Force in Iraq, most of them were destroyed or stolen in Iran during the war in 1991. In addition, the acquisition of 36 multi-role fighters F-16IQ causes fluctuation in the need to purchase the MiG-29.

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