What animals and plants — under threat of extinction?

A powerful scientific magazine "Nature" writes that after 50 years due to climate configurations lost about a million species of animals and plants (about 20%). Belarus also affect these changes, they say scientists. What animals and plants are under threat of extinction? Or there are some new ones?
In the Red Book of Belarus — 189 species of animals and 274 plants
Not so long ago, the third edition of the Red book of Belarus — the official handbook on the state of the rarest and are under threat of extinction, species of fauna and flora of Belarus. For comparison: in the first edition in 1981 wasincluded 80 species of protected animals and 85 species of plants. The third edition is already out of 2-volumes in it 189 species of animals and 274 plants.
As for flora, Red Book zanosyatststsa only wild species. There were cases when drifts just rare species — for example, flower timber, which have found in the area of blue lakes in Mjadelsky area. When examined, it was found that a decorative look that was carried into the forest. Clarification of the Institute of Botany of Arcadia Skuratovich:
"The fact that we have some extravagant, exotic wood or other plant grows, it’s not a reason to bring it in Red Book. Basis for inclusion in the Red Book — uniqueness, but native plants. Uniqueness and, most importantly, neprystasavanasts."
Bison and beaver became very many

Same thing with the animal world: the basis for inclusion in the Red Book — malalikasts population. But the number of animals varies every year, says the deputy director of the Institute of Zoology of Science Alexander Plenin:
"Here, for example, a wolf. In Europe it is very rare species, because there is no huge amounts of forest. Belarus it was quite a lot, and in Russia, in general, very many. Beaver And we have brought in Red Book, but it was very many, and it starts to hurt. Weight problems at the moment with a beaver. "
Sign Belarus — bison — also included in the Red Book, and it is currently more than 700 individuals. In the Bialowieza Forest and Berezinski Reserve it has become too small, bison rassyalili that there was no deterioration of the species, says Alexander Plenin:
"Bison is in agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources received a double status. Other words, he is listed in the Red Book, but in some cases you can shoot the bison for trophy hunting.’s Been a time when needed save all, that the population survived. In other words, the Red Book — is a lively document. "
For the birds — a European approach
Birds in the Red Book of Belarus 75 species. They were placed on new approaches: take into account not only the uniqueness of the species in Belarus, and in general status in Europe, says the director of the public organization "Protection of Birds Fatherland" Victor Pinchuk:
"With this approach, Red Book hit Derkach, who Belarus everyday, but is listed in the Red Book all EU states. In the book got godwit. From the book came northern duck, its status in Europe is very good. "
Expansion of new types of unsafe

Because in the Red book there are new species, and some of it is removed. In the near future, for various reasons, but first, due to global warming in Belarus there are new species of flora and fauna that have not met here. Of flora in most cases it sornyya species that fall with cargoes of grain, birds. And some of them are starting to do the expansion, which is not always perfect. Officer in charge of the Institute of Botany Arkady Skuratovich:
"For example, barshchavik Sosnowski — Caucasian occupant, and this" hot Caucasian boy "done a lot of problems in Belarus and continues to expand its borders. And against him are not yet any insects, fungi. Pulls it very difficult."
After 100 years Belarus capercaillie and black grouse leave

As for global warming, the fauna of Belarus also change significantly. International Organization for Protection of Birds "Bird Live International" practically yesterday released the Climate Atlas of birds. What configuration expect feathered knows arnitolyag Victor Pinchuk:
"After 100 years of habitat birds will move to the north by about 500 km. Those birds that currently live in Belarus — capercaillie, black grouse, chachavitsa, arabak that are associated with pine forests in Belarus after 100 years will not be nested. Configurations range observed already at the moment — for example, a small snow-white herons, even wintering was this kind. "
At press time, you can read the sensational reports in Belarus there are exotic species of animals, birds, fish, like the South American pirannyav or pike. Clarification zoologist Alexander Plenin:
"South American pike — is some confusion. Copa striped cancer — yes. And piranni appeared. Akvaryyumisty But this release. Well, how can pirannya from South America to get to us? Naturally, some species are imported here, officially or secretly. Later they fall in nature of the circumstances purely human. But here they do not survive. pirannya How can survive here? "

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