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But I will not say what it was about …

BOARD PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA number 1 … does not exist!

There is a fleet of SCC and there is a lot of planes and number one probably not.
The plane picked up by problems. In Saratov fly easier Prague.
That plane on which the President — … lettered all :)

Of course you can see in the news more often IL-96

Two of them (in store)

I'll start with the second one: it is on the internet bulk.

When Boris Yeltsin took the restoration of the Kremlin. Chief Architect, — Ilya Glazunov

At the same time, instructed his son Glazunov plane:

Ivan Ilyich Glazunov
created the sketches in the style of the Kremlin and the style of work of his father

In this photo Conference Room, — real malachite green stripes.

The walls are covered with silk registered with the emblems of Russia and Moscow

All that glitters here — polished brass (it is a room steward and ironing board)

Along the walls of low cupboards (kridenzy)

For some reason there are many pasudy

custom-made carpets and green color matches the color of the skin on the seats.
The president has a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom with shower
there really is gold-plated, but 24 carats and is at home on the Chinese

The U.S. president is not gilding

But in our SCC is only one such plane
In other imitation of titanium nitride

But our plane does not fall under the category of "wild luxury"
Luxury sheikhs looks like this:

Most of our aircraft look quite modest and there still are small televisions with tubes

But they are very thought out and comfortable
For ministries and departments used aircraft compartment
Compartment for four (two) people
Top shelves of course not :)
On the first IL-96 is a small resuscitation (Yeltsin vsezh sick)
In the second there are elements of wealth (as many as three)

That is, whether the flag, or icon with the words:

Chinese silk
rubies … hand made (in short I would have been enough)

In the box — the old and the new covenant in good cover

and a vase in the corner of the room like a funeral urn
(Blank inside)

I publish it because it was a lot of spitting into the wild luxury
the presidential fleet. This design was done at the time and the place
and the rest is not so shiny.
Very modest but highly automated everything.
Nor any escape pods for the president on the plane there. :)

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