What praise Kosciuszko? What did he do? Our collective farm raised?

I stand by the old, once the Unitarian churches in Belovich. Classic marshy wood church on first glance are very mild, some own special energy. Austere decor, the smell of wood and long lived-decent age contribute to sincere prayer. Approached me an old woman, dressed in urban coat.

Ancient "What is such a fascinating? Well, we have an ancient church. For 100 years it superfluous. And nothing. What is exciting? Tadeusz Kosciuszko certain. Currently it raise a shield recent years . "
Reporter: "And it is incorrect that it" raises a shield? "
Ancient: "If his relatives financed, and so …"
Reporter: "So he’s a hero!"
Ancient: "What he is a hero. Praise Kosciuszko What What did he do? Our collective farm raised? Either farm? Work, funds do not give."
Expressing doubts over whether the strength would raise Kosciuszko local farm, I said goodbye to an old unusual. Did not believe her. Indeed, in such cities as Belavich, can not be a fascinating conversationalist.
Byalavitski ethnographer Ales Bunny — a man obsessed. Obsessed with meeting local toponymy. This is a great 60-year-old man, an ordinary village intellectual. For decades, he travels the neighborhood, writing down all the names of the rivers, tracts and nearly edge. His archive is already some huge folders with records.

Bunny: "It’s great, this is a treasure! Mikratapanimiku us to record all his own, throughout Belarus, we could not be creepy Lukashenko, who disgrace language. We would Worldwide showed that that’s what we treasure. Words preserved, which values do not know. Have unique names. Lastavshchyna. What to swallow? Last — a measure of hay. This was then. Unique words. As Merechevschine where Kosciuszko was born. Moroch — lowland valleys ".
About Belavich own native sovereign bunny knows with particular enthusiasm.
Bunny: "There are names! Born Misha Gamalitski such recognizable scientist. Medic, archaeologist, historian and writer. Was born in 1791. Uniate priest in the family. At the time, specifically Wednesday Uniate priests gave the whole plyayadu recognizable people. Among them the first time beginning bruyats Belarusian, love for the motherland. He became a doctor of Vilna Institute. For the first time in the world started a blood transfusion. And once born in Belavich. Recognizable Western figure. Ivan Gretzky. Secretary of the Society of Belarusian schools. Ally Gregory Screens were friends very very . "
Reporter: "Gritskov?"
Bunny: "Gretzky! Incidentally, this recognizable hockey player, he at one point said that" my grandmother was born here. " And I was walking, and people remember it. What Gretzky, left there. All wished need British language, write a coach, he is currently coaching a club. But that was long ago. He Ivan Gretzky too. John. Ivan! Wayne Gretzky. See how interesting things get? This Gretzky — my way, my uncle. "
But not only the Greek name known Belovich. Recognizable writer Philip Pyastrak also from these places. And the name Pyastrak occurs almost immediately through the house. Countryman and contemporary of the emperor Zayko Sergei Pyastrak also an extraordinary man. This sad old man with tired eyes — a rather short war veteran. Where he lost 2-own comrades. Which was seriously injured. And what does not like to remember. And not because of injury. Sergei squeezed the Hungarian uprising of 1956.

Sergei: "Prastralyany was. I was shot down in the Carpathians."
Reporter: "There wasand real fights? "
Sergei: "There was enough there only."
Reporter: "As to the Russian soldier treated people?"
Sergei: "Everything was there. Even tanks smoked. One tank commander tank ignited, turns, pulls up close to the wall. Shot. And rollback air knocked the flames. Passed tanks were machine was infantry. Everything was going."
Reporter: "To talk to you forbade population?"
Sergei: "We were not even allowed to take a drink of water where. Awful that poisoned."
But another veteran. Also Pyastrak. Only Nicholas. They are not relatives and did not like each other. Nicholas exchanged long eighties, holds, as if a child. What fire in the eyes, which Agility in movements that metal in his voice! He also waged war. However, in Germany. He also could not die once. But Nicholas rescued faith.

Reporter: "die terribly?"

Nicholas: "Not terribly. After all, I am a believer. God will live forever. I wrote to my father that I was dying. Father says: nothing. Fasting, prayer. Laid the post. Prayed. And nothing. I still live at the moment. Suppurative lung. And now here such tripe stands at x-ray throw. Written in the scriptures, a thousand will fall, but I will not touch you. Thrown. Wounded. Magic! I live up to the present time. "
Curious to hear how Nikolai knows about the future of life in heaven. Almost as an eyewitness.
Nicholas: "Such a promised city prepared man. But the man:" ah. "
Reporter: "And what we prepared in the sky?"
Nicholas: "An eye beheld no ear has not heard! Which city is prepared for those who will believe!"
My subsequent companion — a man proud. Both literally and figuratively. Not every day meet pakaralnika Antarctica. Leonid Rusak, joyful, healthy old — not a radical belavichuk. He’s from Ivatsevichy and here keeps farm with chop. But do not come to him at the light and do not listen to that bike I could not.

Rusak, "Antarctica is all there. When it comes to any anniversary date, all countries think that this will be the moment when they start to divide Antarctica. How to share? We thought that "by the number present." Americans believe — the number of scientific discoveries. A general Chileans at the station "Belinsgavzen" settled area and uttered that have the right Strait on its own. That no it’s not Antarctica, it Chyli.Kali born on Chilean station first boy, who arrived in August Pinochet congratulations on the birth of the first … "
Reporter: "Citizen of Antarctica."
Rusak: "Was he on the Russian station. But Russian station briefing was such — if Chileans come to us, let them come. And we do not go to them. Pinochet came and says that he would like to build the station master. But the stationmaster hidden in the snow. Pinochet perceived cook. Pinochet had tea, played chess. waited two hours and went. "
Reporter: "And you are not in chess play with him?"
Rusak, "No, not me."
Reporter: "And what is there can be separated? What’s that there? "
Rusak, "There are diamonds, there is gold, there is tungsten."
Reporter: "Belarusians can claim a piece of the Antarctic pie or not?"
Rusak, "I do not know. They’re just starting out. And if the principle "by the presence of" it is not enough to get them. Crumbs. "
Reporter: "Maybe we do not need Venesuela? Maybe you need to explore Antarctica?"
Rusak, "Maybe you need. But Belarusians went there on a trailer. And later, when we develop so, then we do not need these bowels."

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