Whether all Belarusian online store grayish?

The Ministry agreed with this approach and promised that lately monitoring trade transactions through the network will be strengthened, and the mechanism of taxation — ordered. Experts predict such a scenario, in which Internet commerce generally disappear and consumers will go to attack Moscow markets home appliances.
Representative of the Ministry of taxes and fees Sergei Shkut states that expect a declaration of war online trading is not worth it. But do the requirements of fiscal authorities traders must accurately. This was the Ministry board February 1 read and Prime Sergei Sidorsky:
"He spoke, it must strengthen control in this direction, to see what actually happens. But in any case, such work has long been maintained by the tax authorities. Simply, he outlined the direction, control of which is necessary to strengthen further in 2008. Question by online shopping first is which entity shop registered as complying with cash management services. Accordingly, if written by a legal person, it is a definite payment of taxes. If it is a personal businessman — means at their taxation regimes: whether these requirements are met? Observed if the order receiving cash, how it is carried out? Whether the payment of taxes on the proceeds for these products, sold high-quality product, labeled product is sold? Themselves realize that the online stores and sell televisions. In other words, or subject to product labeling and in general whether he legally entered the country. "
Sformirovyvaetsya or online store shadow budget?
According to official data, in Belarus there are more than 600 online shops. Every month, they are visited by about 2 million people, and the turnover exceeds 16 billion rubles. With all this municipal experts concluded: violation of legislation in the sphere of e-commerce have a mass character, most of the companies operating without a license or reduce the amount of taxes by the so-called "grayish schemes." According to estimates of the fiscal authorities, the shadow economy in Belarus is about 10% of gross domestic product, which is why the budget once a year do not get 2-3 trillion rubles.
February 1, Sergei Sidorsky said that although such online trade in Belarus increasingly popular and to some extent should be encouraged, but first you need to look at the collection of taxes.
Trying to ring up an online store to find out how "virtual teams" embraced the government’s intention to bring order to the online trade, had a huge result. First attempt — shop that sells home appliances:
"You know, can not say anything specific about it. Honestly, no one has authorized me to give such comments here, because I can not say. Must still agree on everything, as they say, to clarify the position …"
Dialed number, which is usually bought mobiles. It is understood that the person on the other side in the latest government initiatives, but ahead of the action apparently does not seek to:
"Oh, I have this question does not know, do not know. According to Internet commerce will not say anything, because I do not know how they’re willing to work and how to regulate something …"
Yury Zisser, Chairman of the Board of Directors more Belarusian Internet portal TUT.BY, through which just go 10s online stores welcomes trial to restore order in the Internet space. But, says the procedure is necessary to put things without violence and unnecessary frenzy:
"I fully agree with what must essentially take control of our online stores. Since many work very badly and without any license. But what they do not pay taxes — it’s not true. They splachvayuts necessary taxes, and I think which can be talk about the underpayment of customs duties — this is more realistic. As for taxes, it seems to me not quite right all the same idea was formulated, the Prime can not quite aware of the case. "
The fate of e-commerce in the hands of the fiscal authorities?
Experts believe that attention to the virtual trade can not only make a profit, how much have quite unnecessary consequences. Someone convinced that we should expect actually reduce the number of online stores, others do not believe total elimination, but do not hesitate to rising food prices, which have always stood out profitably own cheapness compared with actual shops. But what about this think Yury Zisser:
"Reduce, I think, will not happen. Appreciation But if take on rastamozhvanne will fail. It is possible that the Internet can trade in general and die. Since it blooms only because of all the feral taxation and customs duties, through which For example, a legitimate mobile phone costs 1.5-2 times more expensive than imported in gray. Because thrive and online phone shops, home appliances. If pin really, they are all closed, and people will go for border: will take home appliances in Russia. other words will again fly to Minsk Moscow on the market. "
In fairness, he warned Sidorsky and fiscal authorities, that they be diligent in reasonable bounds. "Tax authorities should be more balanced approach to auditing. Overarching activities should be carried out first where the transaction translucent", — said the Prime Minister.
Head of the Ministry of Taxes and fees Alla Deiko already stated, one of the main tasks of "operational raid of" tax authorities in 2008 will be termination of unregistered business, particularly in the area of trade of mobile phones and home appliances complicated.
"In these sectors, frisky turnover of funds, which is prerequisite for tax evasion", — explained the clerk.
Meanwhile on some websites already has information about the content itself: it is not an online store, but only a web page of a commercial company, a trading enterprise.

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