Whether wages are likely Belarusians 1000 euros?

First referred to the prospect of earning chairman of the Belarusian National Bank of Belarus Prokopovich. Head of the bank’s disk imaging Anatoly Drozdov reads the job comes from Alexander Lukashenko:
"Yes, tyscha. And Prokopovich said that such problem posed head of state. He just told the president’s words."
On what is this confidence, I am interested in sovereign Drozdov:
"For successful operation of our economy. Only on this."
PhD in Economics Leonid Zlotnikov argues that, since 2008, will work harder:
"The situation in the Belarusian economy bad. Eaten and eats the main funds. A need to upgrade a large amount of fixed assets in engineering, chemistry, light industry. We have come to a situation where the period of recovery of growth ended when each percentage point increase in gross domestic product will be achieved bolshennymi effort than before. Very fundamentally realize that is a new process. Because impose on the economy — it is very unreal. "
Leonid Zlotnikov recalls: while the average wage in the country is not seeking and 250 euros. A task is put to increment it by four.
"It’s unreal, even in very decent economy — says Zlotnikov. — Look how fast everything happens in Russia due to the large global oil prices. But even they mean increase of GDP in 10-12 years twice. A GDP — it is the base which wages are calculated. Since there, in Russia, in 10 years they can only double the real earnings. A fourfold increase real wages for any 7 years — it is a utopia. "
Why, then, they say the power of illusory things, increase Minimal promise to raise pensions? Politician Alexander Dobrovolsky presents his version:
"Certainly, begins propaganda campaign associated with today’s elections. There is a correlation, which has long been validated. For example, the independent Institute for Socio-economic and political research to build such graphics — the average salary and the election. And always before elections wages grew, and after the election — were given. Because acts of power — it is not news. It such makarom makes social bribery of voters.
Authorities conducted an old habit propaganda campaign. And in fact before it took people social guarantees for the reason that the country does not have enough money. "

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