Who has the right to an employee’s home?

In Russian Time wasand officially established career highlight aspects of the home. Here that reads Head of Legal Department last Council of Ministers Valery Fadeev
"Usually, farm dwelling is given those people, to be live near their place of work. For example, a person working as a plumber, because he must live close, that it could cause a job. Residence issued without waiting for the period and work in this organization. "
In the Housing Code of Belarus has articles about the service housing, but the list of categories of workers, which can be spent service apartments, no. Previously, the list of these categories was in some laws — on the police, prosecutors, judicial system and status of arbitrators. But in March 2007, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On some issues of use of premises housing community." Because all previous laws are no longer valid — says Chairman of the Commission on Legislation and Legal Affairs Alexander Arkhipov:
"The presidential decree has the force above the law. All other legal acts are in conformity with the decree of the head of the country. Further clarification here can not be because, according to the Constitution, the decree has the force above the law."
Justice Minister Viktor Golovanov said in an official response to "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus": "The decree number 128 laid a fundamentally new approach, which defines only the grounds on which the personalized housing official will stand out."
At the moment, a service provided with housing in person on the President’s decision, the Council of Ministers, the executive committees. It shall have the right: a person whose positions are included in the personnel register of the head of state; special on young rassredotachivaniyu; especially valuable employees, provided that in this population Fri vacancies for no equivalent substitute; judges, prosecutors, military, police, the Ministry of by force majeure situations, citizens living in rural areas. So makarom, service apartments at the moment in the main receive bureaucrats, prosecutors, judges — categories that have status of municipal employees.
Recently the New Year, Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky signed a decree of the Council of Ministers on the allocation of staff BTRC official apartments. Free housing in the prestigious quarter of the capital near the prospectus Favorites provided in the main television news Agency employees: editors Olga Ermakova, Yury Kruglik, political commentator Maxim Korotkina, assistant cameraman Andrew Cristina, Manager of the press service Svetlana Kraskovskaya.
Journalists do not belong to any category of workers who claim by presidential decree on a farm dwelling. But the document is an expression: "in exceptional cases — others in agreement with the President" (the employee must apply for the organization).
As stated in the Council of Ministers decree, farm dwelling group televizyyshchykav allocated "for the period of employment with the acts of the State Television and Radio Advertising." Candidate of Legal Sciences Valery Fadeev says:
"At the moment people are not getting the home — should be built for their money. And then the government gives it a home. I do not know on what basis the housing staff BTRC. Will tie it to a particular place of work. Maybe teachers needed would give. But is there any money for it? But for journalists BTRC found, it turns out these resources. "
In almost all cases, citizens who have received official housing, have the right to privatize the service apartments. First, it is a person who worked in the organization for over 10 years. Payment can be made in installments over 40 years. In addition, a person may, living in a service apartment, built on preferential criteria or get another apartment so-called social housing.
In rare cases, a person evicted from the home service — usually he or privatize it goes into another. Exception — the deputies who came from the regions. Elected live in service apartments in barracks lane and contracts signed before December 2008 — until the end of options. As practice has shown the previous Parliament, the second convocation, to evict all of the barracks in the period from the alley, but an MP for 4 years, which is almost all decided to own housing problem and continued to live in the capital.

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