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One of the more socially important events of the past month in Belarus protests became personal business. Private traders in January twice went to the central square of Minsk, demanding the authorities to cancel the presidential decree, which significantly limits the ability for their business. Mail "Freedom" continues to bring letters from listeners that discussions are given theme.
Here is what we Valery Griţuc Minsk:
"Some of my relatives and acquaintances work personal businessmen, because I know very well what it did for work. Clear that there are different people in their midst. But if we take the very integral phenomenon, private enterprise — is a manifestation of petty-bourgeois interests. On Actually, it’s a group of very selfish people.
Since 1992, I personally have repeatedly turned to different (unknown) business as a deputy with a request to assist the BNF or public organization. And — no one has promoted NEVER! Their outdoor activity now — it everyday slaves revolt. We beheld January 10 and 21 of their posters. Neither 1st political slogan! And white-red-white flag of fear!
Moreover, Lukashenko rights: they were on a physical level is not enough. Not once did I hear that favorite read: "In our business employs more than 500,000 people." Well, where are they? Yavna essence, cynically selfish: they need to keep all because there is — "do grandmas". And the rest … Democracy, human rights, repression? They do not know these words.
In 13 years of existence of the Lukashenko regime in their time was quite a transition to legal persons. If they are satisfied with the dictatorship as a political regime (and it is), it is necessary to make orders and snorted.
Those who work in the business, you must determine:
Either first want life to adapt, as a slave, or — to live in a democratic country.
2nd Want to be rich by deceiving people and country — or to earn "average wage".
3rd want to live honestly, be a man and take care of their own future ordinary kids — or wriggle, bribes and prick, prick …
I, of course, against Lukashenko, but his decree 760 support. It’s simple: by a decree of the small trader must do without manual unrelated. Allowed only a home business. But not — most of their besides other citizens willing to earn money. Another aspect of the case: tax accountant. Well, if you wish businessman, working with hundreds of millions of rubles, then you shall have facilities and an accountant. Taxes huge? And where did they come? Power are introduced? Then change the power. Very simply. And do not shed "crocodile tears" —

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Valery Griţuc from Minsk.
For all your trivial lyagichnastsi, sire Griţuc, reflection, still need to see: far not all private entrepreneurs own currency so significant sums to meet the new power requirements. And general accusations egaizme, apalitychnastsi, "deception of the country and the people" — hardly fair. Such criticisms, of course, should be addressed to specific persons (in other words if a good reason), and not the whole social groups.
On the same topic — a piece of writing our listeners Adam Galivusa from the village Zabrodde Smolevichsky district. He writes:
"In a society where there is no civilization as a single family, to achieve a power of justice — employment advance worthless.
On Air Now "Freedom" a lumpen announced in the address of businessmen about this: "You — the parasites, exploiters nazhyvaetsesya at work hired. Rules at their expense." And something of the same type — lyumpenskae.
Meanwhile employed, having a job, earn wages. And in most cases — such, which the government, no matter what the lumpen, does not and can not give.
When and who will do the analysis and tribute way criticize the radio sounded stupidity? "-

— Asks in his own letter to the "Freedom" Adam Galivus from the village Zabrodde Smolevichsky district.
Calls, in which students express their own attitudes to the same or other difficulties, in most cases we do not comment on, sire Galivus. Even more so when such sensual sound constructive expression, the essence of which yavna and special explanation is not asking. A serious analysis of the conflict between Belarusian businessmen and the government said more than once in our programm — "Examination of Liberty" and "Prague accent."
Created by subsequent non-long sheet — Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk. He talks about the public mood in Belarus after in the elderly, the disabled and students the power selected social benefits. A listener writes:
"Very interesting to watch the behavior of Lukashenka’s electorate. These people once again willing to fool themselves. Some seriously they say that Lukashenko Tipo wanted to make it better, but it fooled. But who gets fooled, and all so behold the. Fact pay for travel twice as expensive than previously obliged of its own pocket every pensioner " — Posted Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk.
Own eyes on this dilemma in Lena Dubko of Volkovysk District. She writes:
"I understand that the government wants to streamline benefits. Surely, someone they are not needed. Vaughn retired military personnel receive a pension of 800 thousand rubles: what they still benefits from the country? But the benefits taken away from everyone. Let him as compensation though slightly raised pensions the poorest — those who get 100-200 thousand. these funds impossible to live. "

On the same topic — a letter from our friend davneshnego Yuri Novitsky from Minsk. He writes:
"Today, riding the bus, allowing a picture. Stop in the salon stopped two passengers, one of which — the policeman. The conductor immediately rushes citizen in civil and bypasses the policeman. I asked why she did not inspect the documents to travel on a police officer. And after hearing the answer: "They were allowed to."
— Who? What resolution?
It joins a strong lady conductor:
— Presidential decree allowed.
— But I have only heard about another decree that all travel benefits canceled.
A jig again: "We are so pronounced …"
Achieve in the conductor, who is SO said, or at least the name of the conductor could not — even with the support of other passengers. Policeman, meanwhile, quietly left.
In this regard, I wish to ask you, Valentin pochetaemy Zhdanko — really came out such a decree, which has permitted some privileged caste to ride in public transport free of charge, while the benefits, for example, disabled third group canceled? "-

— Asks in his own letter to the "Freedom" Yuri Novitsky from Minsk.
No new decrees issued on this occasion there was no sovereign Novitsky. Policemen also who are not willing to pay for the fare, will appeal to a presidential decree in 1995. That document foresaw the right of employees of the Interior to free travel on a special mark on all kinds of public transport. In practice, that sign policemen nobody inspected — went free all the polls. Formally, the decree is not canceled, although according to the brand new police law must pay the fare. But in reality, the situation you described, you may encounter at every step. Jigs and controllers forced to pay tolls elderly, disabled, students — but not the police.
Our listener Basil Zavadsky of Maladziechna also affected cancel social benefits. He believes that this decision could have huge implications for the government. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:
"To authentic freedom we are still very far away. Achieve real configurations without revising the electoral law — is unrealistic. And agree on whether such a revision power? In the near future the opposition added more than 3 million people — the elderly, "Chernobyl",
"Afghans" … Change the electoral code for the government means to lose the election. And losing to have to sit on the same prison cell, on which there are sitting opposition. And a guarantee of immunity here hardly posodeystvuyut. So they will stay until the last.
In my opinion, the future — for Malady, for youth. However, I have one coming not wait: I am 75 years old, brings propulsion system … A Malady wish courage and fortitude. Victory would be theirs. And the transfer of "Liberty" in the current situation is very necessary for Belarus "-

— Wrote in his own letter Vasily Zawadzki of Maladziechna.
Thanks to you, sire Zawadzki, for your kind words. Certainly, it is not necessary to enroll in the opposition all three million people have taken away any social benefits. Although the active civilian positions recent actions, indeed, have led many. If the configurations in their own country want most of society — they become inevitable, no matter how tough any resistance from those who are not willing to such configurations.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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