With our Alexander Grigoryevich though what difficult conditions

Reporter: "How do you think the effect of future presidential elections in the United States of America relations and Belarus?"
Lady: "Any election affect any state and politics, of course. If there will be another president, then under it will adapt and other countries. If Bush is, things will remain the same — we can say, strained. "
Man: "I believe that change, but I do not think that the best side. Indeed our Alexander Grigoryevich though what difficult conditions."
Woman: "I do not think it is playing a major role — who is there in charge. He’s not one decides everything. Relationship America and Belarus could only presidential election influence in Belarus, for sure! "
Young Man: "I think it’s can tellsmiling in the political life around the world. Any new conflicts will be, or vice versa. A as for Belarus, we are here, in the heart of Europe. We rarely we go to America, and they come to us even less often, for sure. "
Woman: "I believe that no effects. Belarus Our favors more to Europe, to the Russian Federation."
Man: "No, no effects. Who do we need? Belarus is not such a big country, so it attention given. I think nothing has changed. "
Lady: "I I wish to say, that nothing in our relationship will not change. They will remain the same as they were. After all, the President is elected who should be able to negotiate. Somehow arrange to today, then agree with the following. "
Man: "I’ll tell you briefly. Between us about four thousand kilometers. Because hardly anything will affect our relationship. As was the case challenging such will remain. "
Woman: "There will be the same as they were before. Amerikosy us not love, and true! We also believe in a terrorist country, we’re all outcasts of society! Because attitude us accordingly. Faster and need not declare in America, and presidential elections in Belarus! "
Man: "The question is a little surprising. As" if something happen on a moon, then whether it affects the temperature of the tap water in my kitchen? "What — election in America? There will be a lady president or a man, or a Democrat Republican — it all the same should not change the attitude of the whole country to another country. Attitude towards Belarus may change only when something will change in Belarus itself. "

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