With Skrabets again require funds

Means must S.Skrebets transfer to the Tax Inspectorate of Leninsky district of the capital. When was the last deputy refuse to comply with a court order, it outline a property.
Sergei Skrabets said "Radio" Liberty "that he was in a desperate situation:
"I have already given a finding in the bullpen, four years do not work anywhere. Me, former Deputy Chairman parliamentary committee, not even take safety engineer. My Documents year without result lain on the working market. Where did I take money? A as for description of the property, it will be the fifth. Everything has been described and rewritten, "- said the politician.
Sergei was convicted Skrabets High Tribunal Belarus to 2.5 years for bullpen vymaganni loans to the country. He rejects the accusation and says that suffered for their political activities.

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