Wreath memory Ira Sokolova

"She was one of the favorites of the true, good journalism"
Yesterday evening the chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Zhanna Lytvyn visited Ira Sokolov, which for a day before discharged from the clinic.
"After parting with Yuri Broad was simply indescribable inner need to once again visit Il. It is understood that yesterday she was already very difficult. And now this morning sad news — Ira died. With its associated naming-independent formation of an entire era of journalism, she was one of the favorites of the true, good journalism. And her initiative in the development of the newspaper "Themis" … This edition was born thanks to her efforts. It became a school for many journalists, "- says Jeanne Litvin.
"I have a hard read about it in the past tense"
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets recognized that came to journalism through Ira Sokolova. He worked in the newspaper "Themis-Nova".
"Unfortunately, in 2000, the last issue of this newspaper. Later she worked in the bulletin" media expert ", which was published along with the BAJ Russian Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations. She came to the commission on ethics BAJ. Recent years very seriously ill, summer cut off her leg. Unfortunately, she could not recover. We were quite good friends with her. seriously until I even read about it in the past tense. "
Andrei Bastunets, Jeanne Litvin and other members helped many Bazhan Ira during disease. They remember how last year in August, congratulating her on his 60th birthday.
"She was the face of the Italian Madonna"
Telerezhyser Leonid Mindlin studied together with Irina Sokolova at the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian Municipal Institute. What a lovely lady she was, he recalls.
"She was the face of the Italian Madonna. Incidentally, when she was 17 years old, Okudzhava gave her guitar. While she was not sick, then engaged in various activities. As journalist was risky. When I worked in" Eridan " there was magazine "Fantakrim-press", and I kind of Time was its main editor, and Ira worked there. So she at one point went on an expedition to find Bigfoot towards Tien Shan. Bigfoot she found, but made a good article. It certainly was, as they say, editor from God "- says Leonid Mindlin.
"She raised an amazing son"

Said Leonid Mindlin center "Eridan" headed philosopher Alexander Patupa. For him, death Ira Sokolova — languid loss.
"Ira was a beautiful journalist, highly professional editor. It is not only the rules of the newspaper, it penned" Reading book online. " She raised an amazing son Dennis. Very adored him. And he did too. He is currently in Canada, very severe programmer. "
In the coming days are the offspring of Ira fly from Canada to Minsk. Farewell to Ira Sokolova held on Saturday January 19.

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