Yanka Bryl will honor the memory of plaque

Official document specifies: "Set on the house number 78 Masherov avenue in Minsk, where he lived Yanka Bryl, a plaque with the following text:" In this house lived Belarusian People’s writer Yanka Bryl. "
Pioneers commemorating Yankee Bryl owned by the Company Belarusian language Skarina behalf. Chairman Oleg Trusov BLS states in support adavednaga appeal was signed by more than a thousand people of Belarus.
Interlocutor and endorses the decision of Minsk city executive committee believes that it will be fair if the authorities support the proposal in the Yanka Bryl perpetuate the memory and the title of his naming the street in Minsk.
Oleg Trusov recalls that on 30 November the Minsk City Council of Deputies second time razgledyali TBM proposal and agreed with her.
"Now the Minsk city executive committee must immediately find where in Minsk is a street named after Yanka Bryl," — says Oleg Trusov.

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