Year ended memory in Kurapaty Forest

Year of memory on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the peak of repression in Belarus announced public committee to commemorate the victims of Stalinism.
Now in the 15th hour of the public gathered in Kurapaty. They lit candles at Kurapaty crosses celebrated prayer.

Committee member of the public Siuchyk Pronunciation:
‘This is a normal event. 29th of each month occurs respect the victims of Stalinist repression, in general, all victims of Bolshevik repression. Early January this year such actions took place in the ordinary format, people come lozhut flowers, lit candles and candles at the Cross, Belarusian songs sung to honor the memory of those terrible just years, the sacrifices of our people. "
29th number chosen by chance. Specifically, in the night of 29 to 30 October in Minsk were shot 52 representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia. This can figure out leaflets attached to Kurapaty stone.

Siuchyk said:
"People always stroll. Naturally, given our situation very languid, just as there is information blockade, society largely unknown what happens to him. Exaggerate the results of our work is not necessary. But most importantly, respect for the memory of victims of Bolshevik repression occurs . And just in front of us are members of different law enforcement agencies and it did again indicates that we are doing right. "
About 10 police officers arrived at Kurapaty forest and watched the action, were videotaped.
Historian Igor Kuznetsov recalls that all public appeal committee in government structures remained unanswered. Because all memorial shares during the year spent only public, without any monetary support. According to Kuznetsov, no peremptory structures, excluding employees of militia, these shares are not responding.
"And despite the fact that there were multiple samples to prevent, for the first time in December in Kurapaty carried out such an action, regardless of the coming New Year prazdnichkom. This indicates that we were able to spend this year. We commemorated its own citizens. Suppose not in the number of to what we want, but people come here. present action is the culmination of years of memory. "

According to Kuznetsov, the public wants to organize the organizing committee for the commemoration of the victims of totalitarian regimes, that has continue to work in the coming year.
"We are at the moment not be spending abroad meanwhileand who died before the war and killed during the occupation. This 2-victims of the bloodiest regimes of the 20th century. And one, and the second similar failure for Belarusian people. "
In the midst of the protesters in Kurapaty youth activists. Secretary created the Belarusian Christian Democracy Dennis Sadowski Pronunciation:

"I came here because I am a Christian, it’s a pain that touches me personally, even a cross on which is written the name Sadowski. This pain in my heart and came here, so that in today pray here, to be together with all. "

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