Year of Memory: Results and Plans

"Most importantly, in the following years, this work lasted"

Hanna Sous"End the year 2007, which declared the Year of the Belarusian public memory of the victims of Stalinist repression. To summarize what has been made during the year, like you could make an assessment of the public in perpetuating the memory of those killed during the reign of Stalin."
Vasily Yakovenko"I am very pleased to think that people still living memory, the soul lives. Without memory of dead souls. Organizing Committee consisted of more than 20 people. It was teamwork. And this kind of work and no one was not shameful. We started with information areas information and check out, certainly. Today very fundamentally convey information to people, much less young, who are actually about these Stalinist repression, politics communist Bolshevism know nothing.

We did site visits over different dates (Holodomor, shootings) to Borisov, Vileika, to the Gomel region went a couple of times. Think Siuchyk the brakes on this separately. Can not say about a lot of work in the case of Anatoly Makarov — a writer who ordained the last years of their lives collecting materials about repressed, made a classification of these materials. Currently almost generated in its 10-volume edition. His latest book — about the victims and executioners.
We conducted a series of scientific conferences, including the conference "internationalist Communism to the tribunal." Were published collections of scientific articles on the repression that prepared Igor Kuznetsov and Yakov Basin. We bailed out, we can say from extermination exhibits Bobruisk Memorial Museum, which was created by enthusiasts in the late 1980s. We collected books from the series "Memory" from most areas. If it is appropriate for this time, we will open Memorial Museum, and these books "Memory" will just fit the way there. "
Siuchyk"I am very positively assess everything that happened this year. You realize that with the theme of repentance, with the theme of the truth about the persecution of the Bolsheviks actually started a new history of public movement in Belarus. After podymali other topics. Naturally, again, this issue has become very topical, when was the protection of Kurapaty in 2001-2002 and this year. This is very excellent. could be all the minute, the data on our gear to use in order to tell what we did this year. I will focus only on a very rather short assessment that the work done is very large, and most importantly, so that in the following years, this work has lasted because it is needed in Belarus. "
"Unfortunately, the authorities have ignored Year of Memory"
Sous"This year, in most post-Soviet states honored the memory of the victims of Stalinism, comprehended the lessons of history, there were numerous actions in memory including the role of managing the country. Representative In Russia, President Vladimir Putin special services personally honored the memory of the people killed by the NKVD punitive. Ukraine was Museum open direct victims of communism, has undergone extensive mourning rally in memory of the victims of the Holodomor. Like you could on this background estimate acts precisely speaking almost inaction of the Belarusian authorities in the perpetuation of the memory of victims of political repression. "
Siuchyk"Here the usual response. Genesis of the current authorities in Belarus does not allow her to be treated like human beings to ever actually what matters. Unfortunately, the authorities have ignored Year memory. Basil T. already read about Gomel. Just this year revealed the truth about Homel Kurapaty, and our government had the audacity to write off the victims of Stalinist repression by the Nazi occupation. However, no evidence other than the political will of the country’s control after all this is not necessary. fact in Gomel and indicates the current attitude of the authorities, so Stalin Line, which exists among us, not is random. "
Yakovenko"In my opinion, it is not government inactivity in perpetuating the memory, but rather activities against the restoration of memory. This is explained very simply. Our government does not have such values as the memory of the last pages of catastrophic."
"Certainly, the horror already settled in the genes of our people"
Sous"In truth, the number of people who participated in kazhdomesyachnyh promotions in places of execution, was not large — more to come, maybe about fifty people. And in most cases, these were the same people. How do you explain to this? And what are the resources the public in expanding the range of respectable people in this case. "

"This is not the case and that why is it that people have forgotten about most of what was. Many, especially retirees, remember. But when people come to the place of execution, and them from all sides surround kagebisty, flip cameras and shoot at the camera, it creates psychological stress. And not everyone is willing to experience such sharp emotions. Virtually every generation were repression, and in the 1930s, there were mass repressions. Certainly, the horror already settled in the genes of our people. "

Siuchyk"I would be very appreciated general all shares that were held in public Kurapaty, and in other places where Belarus lost in those terrible years of their own sons and daughters. Conducted not only shares the 29th of each month, and carried out other actions dated to one or another choice. I think the most important thing here is not how many people took the role because it has always been very decency of people, and all of these stocks are very looked fine. Very well, that was slain to such good our tradition, including and 29 chyslu.Samy severe resource, which is in the Belarusian public in order to do it more mass, and that these actions were often, this cooperation with youth organizations, government, because at the moment comes very many young patriots in various organizations , and I think that in the future they will take a broader role in this venerable actually honoring Protz own. "
Yakovenko"I should add that these actions were carried out not only in Minsk, they were parallel and in Brest and Gomel, Borisov and other towns. Recent events make our role Milinkevich movement, BPF and the Conservative Christian Party BPF."
"The very public fails to beat the Vandals"
Sous"At the moment I would be willing to pay attention to such a humiliating thing as vandalism at places of execution. Kurapaty learned 10s vandalism. This year, unknown vandals had desecrated again and" Clinton’s Bench "was broken and the suffering of the Cross . However, the efforts of activists of the Conservative Christian Party BPF and architect Ales Shaternik these memorials were restored. What, in your opinion, can and should do to finish vandalism in Kurapaty and other memorable places? "

"Unfortunately, as pointed out by our experience, the vandalism can only be changed by changing the power in this country. Nearly all had over the years. We organize there and watch. Now, when there was not any of our shares in Kurapaty, which would not have attended representatives of law enforcement agencies, while not one of the superstructure, but several. Kurapaty All Tracts was controlled with all this. Once authorities offered by the public to pay for services in Kurapaty protection, even if anyone and had hopes of this power, that she can do something, then these expectations are already not close. community itself naturally fails in fighting with the security forces still fight the vandals. "
Yakovenko"My analysis of these phenomena led to a personal belief that some scum from the powe
r of the author of this vandalism. To download one cross and break it, you need equipment.’s All cooperated.’s Power and make it so that people walking the wrong way, so as not to he beheld the highest cross, and that they go to the Stalin Line ".
"We have a share in this last year — December 29"
Sous"And the last question — the future. With the end of the Year of the memory, as I understand, it’s commemorating the victims of Stalinist repression is not complete. What more is going to do a public committee? Do you already have some plans, Basil T.?"
Yakovenko"We started compiling a collection that will reflect our work in this Year of the memory. If possible, we will continue to produce the newsletter" Echoes of the Gulag. "We have prepared already open website" We — nytsyya. His adresok: There will be face section — "Repressed Belarus" will be placed works of writers. I think that the work that was started by our organizing committee, must not stop. "

"Still ahead of us last action this year. December 29 Kurapaty held our regular stock. Regarding plans for the next year, the Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture created a memorial section to coordinate the activities which will be me. Adopted certain plans subsequent year, and the main thing — it’s best to keep working, which were made public this year. means necessary to hold a conference related to Russian totalitarianism. Belarus is very necessary. Naturally this will be done in collaboration with other public organizations that have experience in the respective and abilities. Naturally you want to keep the shares, both in Minsk and in the regions, and set the crosses on the places of execution. "

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