You have to 1 employee at least three chiefs

* "Evening Minsk", year 1978. Someone criticizes V.Mihnyuk U.Beguna book about Zionism: "Zionism in kaaperuetstsa Zapyataev antipopular own affairs with the remnants of the Russian White Guard emigration of Vlasov, Belarusian and Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists — with all the scum, thrown out of the socialist states that have found refuge in alleys of the "free world". U.Beguna book covers acute ideological problem of a Marxist-Leninist positions. "
* The same "Evening Minsk", but 10 years later, in 1988, published the first report of the Secretary-Minsk City Committee of the Communist Party U.Galko: "There can be no compromise where there is worship of alien symbols, where the musical" binge "goes into the addiction, where the attributes of the "Iron Rock" become cool tool where reasonable ecstasy culture and history of his native land transformed into extremism, government restrictions … Little manifestations of political immaturity to be given immediate political resistance. "
* "Narodnaya Volya"Year 1998. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Belarus salting Eva Spychalski said:" This impression that you have on the 1st employee at least three heads. So many of them that is completely unrealistic to realize who is responsible for what. All look up all afraid to make a responsible decision … In your ministries many smart, smart people, but they can not work properly because of the criterion in which are. Plus — be afraid. "

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