Youth Requests release Artur Finkevich

First action was accomplished about the Department of Execution of Punishment, the second — about the structure of the KGB. The police detained five people. They are in the running Interior Leninist district of Minsk. Young assured that the shares will be held once a day, and not only in the capital, and in all regional towns and regions, while Arthur did not alter the punishment.
About 12 people from the youth movement "Jeans for Freedom" held a protest against the imprisonment of activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Artur Finkevich. We recall that on days of Arthur was sentenced to one and a half years for small rights violationsyl internal regulations of the hostel Mogilev commandant. This happened several days before the end of the two-term restriction of freedom for political graffiti, made during his presidential campaign.
Police officers tore portraits Arthur and detained five people. Similarly, it is clear that three of them minors. Legislation prohibits the police to send them to jail for the night. They should give parents a painting.
And 16 hours of activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" held a picket in front of the KGB building. They unfurled a banner "Freedom Artur Finkevich" and white-red-white flag. Young shouted: "Long live Belarus!", "Freedom for Finkevich!" And "Freedom to political prisoners".
Drivers of cars on Independence Avenue beeping in a symbol of solidarity with the picketers.
One of the participants said "Freedom":
"The action, which is now accomplished about the structure of the KGB, symbolic, because this is the structure initiated in landing Arthur Finkevichai 2006, also favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. Shares of this kind will be held every day, in each region and, of course, in our capital. In this campaign promise to be creative and the police can not keep up our creativity. So makarom we will always them a step ahead by two and we also force the regime to release Artur Finkevich. "
In Minsk at subway stations and bus stops there portraits of political prisoners. Public services entrusted to look to portraits was not, at least in crowded places. Fences around construction sites NIGHT MODE youth activists applied inscriptions: "Freedom Artur Finkevich."

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