Yu.Belenky Belarusians as a civilization matured …

Acting chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF in Belarus Yury Belenky says about his own special surveillance in the past year:

People are aware that this power for their stranger.

"Belarusians, as a civilization, ran across some face, after which in regards to the person they say that the teenage years ended and she has matured noticeably. People are aware that this power for their alien, even if they have not even identified as a foreign power Lukashenko. but yet they saw that the old words and deeds do not match this power.
Here this process TAKE growing in our society. And I think it more clearly manifested in the This year. It was seen and after the abolition of privileges, and through processes in the economy, which force people to really look at things. That this observation was important for me. "

Member of the House of Representatives, a favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party , Owed states that in 2007, he was remembered more follow:
"This award in July for the party ticket number 30000 lady. Before This time this point is worth in the eyes. I — a favorite of the party, and for me the most important thing. "

Sovereignty and independence — it is for me, the most coveted.

Sovereign Gaiduchevici continues:
"Was adopted no matter what conditions, and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus was strategically the first place. For me it is — the most important event.
Sovereignty and independence — it is for me the most coveted, which is realized in 2007 that there were many gode.Tamu different issues. "

Co-Chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus Anatoly Lebedko refers to the year today, "black and white":
"The only thing I, as a political optimist, suggesting that snow-white band was wide.

If we talk about the film, it is, of course, political prisoners.

The main event of the year, of course, was the Congress of Democratic Forces. Thanks to him, the united democratic forces now have a strategy, a plan of action. And, perhaps for the first time in the history of the sovereign Belarus can advance to prepare for the election campaign. And this event, about which can be and must read.
Private strongest memory at me left a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush. Specifically, not only as President, but as a man with a little letters.
And if you talk about the film in 2007, it is, of course, political prisoners, it is the courts. "

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