Yuri Oleynik requests service in parts of Belarusian

On the days of youth passes inspection and honey in case of mobilization promises join request expelled from Gomel Municipal Institute F. Skaryna Dmitry Zhaleznichenka — to serve in the Belarusian-military unit.
4-student of faculty of Economics of the Academy of Management under the President Yuri Oleynik was expelled in Last year in May, a few days before the summer session. The order was signed also been dismissed Rector Stanislav Knyazev. Formal prerequisite called "breach of discipline and internal regulations." But the Jury finds that expulsion is due to its active civilian position — in the said university, he initiated the collection of signatures against repeal of benefits to students.
Yu Oleinik: "Solidarity with the requirements Zhaleznichenka"
After, Tribunal as the October district of Minsk twice recognized as lawful judgment of the Academy of Management, Jure several offers to continue his studies abroad. Eventually he stopped the choice on Moscow and from last illumine trained at the Municipal Institute "Higher School of Economics." But the last few days Jura deals not science, and walks through the doctors:
"At the moment, a very difficult situation. I escaped, came here, even brought a petition letter from the Emperor Karaganova. He asks the Belarusian armed forces to enable me to graduate from the university and not to spoil the Belarusian-Russian affairs although in education. After meeting were public commissions by Human Rights under President Russian Federation, experts considered my case and gave consent to fundamentally need my upcoming training. But now the military enlistment office is very willing to encourage me in the army. And These days are I pass in Minsk honey commission. "
Reporter: "So you are calling from Maladziechna?"
"So, from Molodechno district military commissariat. I really see the harsh focus, a great desire to build me a gun in his hand. If will be very energetic, naturally, is unlikely to violate the law will go somewhere and it is not clear to what period of time is also not going. But stand by their own decent friend (I can not even consider him a friend) Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. When he made a precedent, I’ll be the second person, who will defend the right to serve in the Belarusian-speaking part. "
Recall that a little more than a week back the Homel activist-student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from Gomel Municipal Institute and immediately drafted. The guy in the symbol of protest held a five-day hunger strike to protest against the charges, claiming also provide service in parts of Belarusian.
S.Karaganov: "Ministry of Defense does not listen — we will raise hell"
Dean of the faculty of the world economy and international politics Higher School of Economics — Doctor, Managing Council of the external and defense policy of Russian Federation Sergey Karaganov. I wondered if indeed Yuri Oleynik such valuable student for him that the Ministry of Defence of Belarus solicit Russian public figures?
"Yes, of course. It is very a good student, because we are satisfied that we have to learn it. As for the need to serve, it is, of course, a matter of law. But the fact that he is one of the more able students, it’s for sure. "
Reporter: "That is the institute team he joined organically?"
"Yes. Despite the fact that there was a significant difference in the program, it is rapidly catching up, and faculty he literally rejoices — is overjoyed. Because we assign that to our application in your defense department will listen. And if not — then we make trouble. "
Sovereign Karaganov also convinced that in the history of expulsion Yuri Aleynik of the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus is the exact political component.

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