Z. Dashkevich ancestors met with her son in prison

Date Dmitry Dashkevich parents lasted more than 2-days. Ancestors political prisoner they say that Dmitry was very calm, did not express any claims and personal wishes. "He’s naturally thin, but — as usual. Dmitry never was not complete. Most important thing for These days are he rested soul, because prison life very tiring man "- said Vyacheslav Dashkevich" Radio Liberty ".
Ancestors brought home an old odezhku son and two huge bags of letters he has received over the year Shklou colony. Political prisoner receives letters every day and every day sends 10s said their correspondents.
"Says everything is fine, he does not need anything. We came out on a date, so he said that about another two hundred letters received in the same day, they had not even read what is not, but to deploy."
According to Olga Dashkevich, and date Zmiter also singled out some time to respond to letters sent to him.

Still about two hundred letters received in the same day, did not even have time to deploy them

In the colony, when Dmitry Dashkevich was assigned to work at the sawmill, he aggravated the disease of the spine. "At the moment, does not complain," — says the mother of a political prisoner.
It was her last long-term meeting with his son. The next time she hopes to behold Zmiter already free — sentence ends the middle of March. But Olga Dashkevich read about it yet unwilling, fearing that something goes wrong.
"If something there not break. Do not wear that shirt, or something. God forbid. "
Now with another activist "Malady Front" Artur Finkevich implied encounter his new lawyer Anna Bakhtin, but because of organizational problems meeting did not come true. Lawyer expects to meet with Arthur in the coming days are. Arthur girlfriend Ludmila Atakulava said he was again transferred to another cell — already the third since October last year, when he was in the slammer Mogilev investigation. In the newest camera is no shortage of beds, but the cold, said youth in his last letter own maid.
"Wrote that slumbers dressed in cap and times were cold. There’s a hole in the windows and not many people in the chamber, because it is very cold. So makarom, he’s saved and chilly hot tea. "
According to Lyudmila, Arthur studies criminal case, the better to prepare for the consideration of the appeal. Date of the complaint has not been set.
Let me remind you, Artur Finkevich for minor, according to human rights activists, violation of the departure of "chemistry" was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

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