Village Zaspa, large, non-poor village razleglasya extensively in the floodplain of the Dnieper, near Rechitsy. Here there is no sign of poverty or poverty. Virtually no boarded-up houses. The streets are filled with children’s voices. About benign houses not uncommon western car. All shows that things on the farm "Russian Belarus" going well. In zaspe I came to the company with the poet Sergei Sysom.

Sergei: "We have always been proud that we have paved streets. Outlined stone. Currently I can not imagine, like cars drove. But then it was very fine. It was very broad. I can imagine how it would work. Two streets were paved. In winter, of course, was bad ride. Earlier, there were goats of such iron rods, we did. But in the summer it was a beauty. Purely has always beenabout. Did not have these ditches, ruts. You know, as usual in the villages after a rain. Zaspa of civilized with these stones. Well, now, you see all the asphalt. Destroys this beauty, originality … "
Standing on top of the plain of the Dnieper, which spring floods here a real sea, it is easy to understand why the earth gives birth to poets. Here, in the adjacent Goroshkova, the star of Anatolia Sys. In catch born Viktor and Sergei Yarats Sys. But not only the beauty of nature encouraged young people to poetic creativity. Always plays a big role teacher whiteRussian language. Adore the native language for more than one generation zaspentsav taught 80-year-old Anna Titovec. Despite the decent age, ancient very lively and talkative.
Anna: "I led the literary circle. Teaches poetry invent. I myself have tried. For the 60th anniversary, I was the poem" Let us never be war. "And I was wrong. Uskopvala hail under the bow, in the pocket and pencil blyaknotsik. Dig. I dig. Glad dig — thought out, write it down. And while hail dug up under the bow, I came out a poem. "
Reporter: "And the attitude of the Belarusian language …"
Anna: "Adored the Belarusian language. Adores me. I went to work as a prazdnichek."
Reporter: "What is the difference Zaspa village?"
Anna: "I know the history. Pana who were called as the street. How people lived with my people. I know it."
Reporter: "How to live with my people?"
Anna: "We lived with my people. Strolled in holey pants. Ate bread with Mekinko gentlemen thrashed baton." Ban Vinci. He was manager surnamed Yushkevich. Zaspa was divided into three sections. Pan Vinci belonged May street, where I currently live. It was called Vinchanshchyna. Gamazeya from the cemetery and there — it’s Pan Volbika. Referred Valbikovshchyna. A portion of the side zaspe Loyeva — Pan Kinevich belonged. My grandmother said. Collected inhabitants Yushkevich line up people in a row. Ladies highest growth separately, low — separately. Pressed rye. Ladies of the highest paid 20 cents for growth, low — fifteen. And if what hurt, then do not pay. A pan Yashkevich still whip ashnaryts. Ah well lived. Nagaravalisya. "
That ancient local place names survive only in the memory of the old-timers. And the estate of Pan Vinci, stone 1-storey house in the classical style, is on colorful hill, as if a ghost. With a collapsed roof, broken windows.

Sergei: "It is a remnant of his possessions. Already columns do not even have. Was a beautiful column. Here I remember very beautiful alley. Standing park itself was very lovely, transitioned into the gardens. And it is curious that an old apple karchuyuts, under the roots of animal bones found. It turns out, that apple excellent results, buried some carrion. Either calf that died, or any dog. And it remains and pazhyvlyala nutrients apple. applewood much? Well, 30 years old, 40. And here on stand 100 — and great apples ".

Church in the catch, as in almost all other Belarusian villages appeared thanks to the initiative of the faithful. Chairman of the ecclesial community, Maria M., a lovely retired, says that without the church’s own life is not.

Maria: "Hard to many young mothers with children. Babes and chest. Strongly many come. His hands have built this church. Already it operates twelve years."
All his life Ms. Maria worked on the farm. But today’s time to consider a more appropriate national economy.
Maria: "The work is. Cabanas set up much. Youth remains. We fattening farm and a large item. Plus processing. Sausages different make, famous in the whole of Belarus. People did not go from the farm. Where there are working. People comfortably. Many machines . Baby stroll cautious. Farms huge. Was farmer’s day. been awarded anyone who even slightly … NOT propyl … All gifts are not bad, duvets, towels, five or six. All such content. People love to work. Maybe families fifteen to catch that drink. "
In-law Maria Mikhailovna, Nicholas, despite the collective life is not bad, escaped from the catch to Gomel. What did not regret. We’re talking about a wonderful, built in the style of Stalin’s empire, club.
Reporter: "And here is where young people go?"
Nicholas: "Part no. Club, he tired of everything. Go to the club — it’s a fight. Expect people Saturday or Sunday to go to the club. But there still goes like — you look at my girlfriend, and begins a hassle. Bigger must senior be some oversight in the clubs. Unless going bunch of youngsters still happens between them hassle. syzveka It was. "
Reporter: "Young people here enough. This village is not dying … "
Nicholas: "Zaspa — 100 percent not dying. Anyway, when finish school, go to the main study in Gomel. Anyway, great head all the same leave. With good education here does not remain. Never in my life would recommend their children, nor their opponents to work on the farm. It is very hard for three rubles. "
His journey through the city, we end up with Sergei Sysom very colorful zaspenskay street that descends steeply to the Dnieper meadows. Even in winter, this area looks bright. What to talk about the spring, when poured Dnieper and drown in home gardens bloom. To live here and rejoice. But for some reason do not live.
Sergei: "It was my friend. Imagine winter I ran to him with her bare feet.’s Wife was, kids. I do not know how it happened. But from the sixth floor in Gomel fell and died.’s Pass two huts. Luda Here, my adnaklyasnitsa lived. Family was canceled. emissions associated only with the fourth floor in Gomel. contrary we also prepyadstviya. boy hanged himself. ’32. Two kids, spouse. Hardworking. Did telephonist. helping all people. No reason, no seemingly, but … I took and hanged himself. owes nothing. "
Reporter: "And what did it? How to find some explanation of this?"
Sergei: "I thought a lot about it. Some disappointment in how we might live. Maybe standard search led them to a standstill. Zaspa What? Poets appear here. Viktor Yarats. Here the land is so lyrical, poetic . Very many people — Romantics. Any social problems did not have them. They were really good at. Education received. Very difficult to find a realization of this stuff. "
According to statistics from Belarus occupies second place on suicides in the world after Lithuania. But one thing to know these statistics. And it is quite another to ensure that-in the midst of such statistics optimistic landscape.

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