Zeltser make out a complaint on October 31

This will be the second attempt to make out a complaint Zeltser in Supreme Court Belarus. First time a scheduled examination on the 26th of September, but was postponed. "The reason for the need to claim certain documents" — the time in the press service of the court. Observers do not rule out that the delay was related to the election, which took place on September 28th.
Recall from the U.S. lawyer Emanuel Zeltser, together with the Secretary Vladlena Funk was arrested 2nd March at the Minsk airport. According to reports, they flew to Minsk in heritage died suddenly in London, Badri Patarkatsishvili. It is clear that part of this inheritance claim Russian fugitive billionaire Boris Berezovsky. E. Zeltser’s relatives claim that he is involved in the arrest and trial of lawyer and his secretary. Boris Berezovsky, Emanuel Zeltser calls "rogue" and not comment on reports that it tripled in Tipo soon flew to Minsk.
Vladlena Funk was sentenced to a year of the colony. Her complaint also make out the Supreme Tribunal.
Consideration of the complaint will be held behind closed doors.

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