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Karatkevich: The first issue — the Belarusian-Russian affairs. Now at a meeting with foreign minister Alexander Lukashenko Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "The End of 2007 — beginning of 2008 was a time of intensifying political contacts between with 2 countries. Lavrov added that Russian management satisfied fruits of cooperation. Happy January 30 held a joint meeting of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation and Belarus, and it is meant to adopt a joint action program from 2-ministries for the following years. This document will coordinate the activities of 2-states in the international arena.
How do you think — it’s really great intensification of relations between Belarus and the Russian Federation or is merely a declaration of what is already happening?
PozniakThis is a continuation of what has been two hundred years. And the continuation of what existed ever since, when there was the doctrine of "integration." I do not think that here there were any new developments. This is quite an act of duty, such meetings were before, with other ministers. Task such visits by Russia — Belarus tie, or rather — Lukashenko, the scope own policies.
Failure of our policy in that it opaque that it anti-people and that can solve all one person. This is — a great danger and nenarmalnasts. And because we do not know enough — in fact what happened. But the trend is clear to us perfectly — and before the elections in Russia, and before the advent of the Russian Federation at the international level, and the militarization of — we litsezreem that revived Russian militarism, and the danger of a possible default in Russia — all due to the fact that our homeland is trying stronger tie Belarus, if necessary, to fill their internal difficulties at the expense of Belarus. This is a continuation of the policy, which once was proclaimed Putin under the code "flies and cutlets" when he said that Belarus must enter six regions in Russia. Past here this brutal statement reads best on the essence of Russian policy towards Belarus.
Karatkevich: As for our current conversation we had in Minsk survey on the role of in the development of modern Belarus.

Karatkevich: Like you could otkommentirovat these expressions?
PozniakAll these expressions independently to the evaluation of the Russian Federation show that people feel the danger, feel that someone else’s government has a very huge impact on our politics, our economy, our independence, and that people are concerned, but not all expressed outright alarm. This indicates that the situation is compared with the one that was 10 years ago, has changed in the direction that the people began to be more aware of what and who we are threatened, although they have yet to answer the question of how this fight, how to avoid it.
Regarding the role of, then there inaccurately said — "role in development" — no role in the development of Belarus, it is not important. On the contrary, this role is completely different, it is associated with the subordination of Belarusian politics, economy and independence of Russia’s interests. What kind of development can be here?
In 1991, when Belarus gained independence, we had a very great ability — both economic and political, in the sense of the creation of the country. And first analyzed our situation, Russian politicians and Russian economists. Then they were powerful enough financial school that gurtavalasya around Gaidar. And the conclusions reached by the Russian masters, such as:

People began to be more aware of what and who we are threatened

Belarus from all states of the Union of Russian has more outstanding ability in the short term to become a strong economic independent state in Europe. From Belarus, saying political terminology in kutsee time could be "Eastern European dragon." And it was so. We analyzed previously Russians and we knew it. For this purpose we need only the Belarusian people’s power and reforms in the economy, politics, culture — because culture was very much amazed, and it is clear that culture, morality — a major factor in the economy, and I wish to highlight it.
So here, then took our newest program from the birthplace. It was to a certain extent it was the 90s Yeltsin special program adopted in the case of Belarus, but most of it stayed on the sidelines and offices. And the essence of it was that our homeland should not allow her to have formed in the west "Belarusian dragon", a powerful Belarusian government. And because it was intended, to undermine our financial system to undermine the economy to seize political power, and our homeland acted in this direction. That’s inflation, which was caused by the early 90’s, when these funds were dropped — it’s the thought Gaidar, he did so — it was in line with this policy applets.
They are so very knocked then our economy, but we have survived. And if it was the people’s power, nothing Our homeland would not do. But the worst that they have created — they brought to power his henchman, while held by the support of their own intelligence services, who remained in Belarus and of the Russian system, which remained in Belarus. Remained virtually all ancient Russian power, tied to Moscow. And they managed to use and to seize political power in 1994. Since then we have — not Eastern European dragon, and dark hole, a pariah country that damn smart people of Europe.
Oh so disastrously sent our destiny, and was guilty in this country, its politics, its intellectual, financial and political elite — Our homeland. And we must realize that there is so because it has been and will be until our homeland remains the imperial structure, while it will pursue an imperial policy.

Since 1994 we have — not "Eastern European dragon" and the dark hole.

And if you read today more directly — when in power in Russia is the KGB. Indeed, for the first time in the history of the KGB came to power in the country such as our homeland. Many have not already figured out — either in the West or in Belarus. But this is a new and very scary type of power — not only for Belarus, and for the world.
Karatkevich: The idea of constructing a nuclear power plant in Belarus, with the support of — what does it mean strategically? What’s worse — dependency on oil or uranium?
Pozniak: I’ll tell you shortly. In twelve years, the pro-Moscow regime of Lukashenka regime has done this many atrocities will not list them — and people were killed, and human suffering. But the worst sin that can be committed by the regime — is to build a nuclear power plant hands of. This certainly will be the end of the Belarusian civilization. Chernobyl blew us so much that it is not clear how we get out of this, if you do not change the system power. Yes, even if the change will be difficult. And this is — this is the pit, which is prepared for the Belarusian people.
Explain briefly — what it means. In 1-x, the Russians assured — and Russian Union, and at the moment — they are not able to build a non-dangerous nuclear power plants. Today they are doing technological crimes. The cases when the Belarusian enterprises receive the items, obtained from Russian band technology suppliers, and after some time they fail. Since the Russian financial mafia remove these items, these bands on the European dump them for new issues and sells them Belarusians. And when starting a claim, they say they are — and where you’re going to go away from us? This is the result of attachment to Russia. And with the construction of
this power plant will be the same as Chernobyl, and others — will be technological sin.
In addition, builders will go straight for an entire division serving people. We know what it did for the division, how they behave and what they can do. And what will it mean for Belarus.
And the third — is a complete dependence. At the moment, we have an artificial dependence on Russia — Oil, Gas. And it will be even more dependent on nuclear energy, as certainly Our homeland insists that the radioactive material for the station was with her supplies — Our homeland has 5% of global supplies of uranium.

Construction of NPP hands of — the end of the Belarusian civilization.

This means that the hand on the control of our people’s fate is not ours. This means that at least some probable blackmail that station any unexpected situation. And because it is very unsafe — to have talks with the state, which states that almost did not recognize our independence, which states: "come to us six regions", which states that making the overall government, which takes appropriate illegal agreements which almost started a war against our independence, our culture, our country, through their own conduct Russification mode. And this country will build such a strategic site on the terrain of Belarus as a nuclear power station. It’s indescribable.
But I repeat that if such prodigious happened — it would be the worst thing that happened to you for always, that this mode exists in areas of Belarus. This is a very terrible thing. While at the same time, of course, for Belarus needs a source of energy, and at the moment the world is pretty harmless projects and quite experienced countries that could provide some assurance activities and power, and our sovereignty. But in this situation, when civilization has undergone Chernobyl Chernobyl and when used as a method of destruction of this civilization — and we we see, the regime uses the results of Chernobyl — in this situation, and psychologically we are not yet ready to make this decision.
Because task Belarusians — all who have the care and concern for their own kids and for the future of our civilization, must rebel against this project NPP Russian hands and by its resources. It is very dangerous for Belarus, and if we want to live, we have to fight this.
Karatkevich: Your performance on the satellite channel "Belsat" got a great response, including — and first — the theme of your probable return to Belarus. We have avdyevaryyant passage of this conversation with journalist Paul Mazhejka …

Karatkevich: In almost all media disk imaging interpreted this phrase as the intention is to return at the moment. What do you say?
PozniakI looked at the standard forums where people speak out on the subject — there are suddenly a lot of people who never ever previously shone on the forums. I think it is available, primitive provocation agents. So as to put a "duck" — to a certain extent to humiliate my identity compromise. After all, it was about something else entirely and it completely of course.
I — fighter. I can not expose the head to unnecessary risk. I went abroad not to live and fight, and I fight constantly. And because I know the one — when I will need and when I get back. It is a question on "Belsat" does not go. Question about the situation that exists in Belarus, and those configurations. I say that there were configuration — and the public understanding and generally in society — which demonstrate that the positions regime fall, that human activity is increasing, people are starting to make sense of their lives and this mode. And all this shows that he is not left so not much time.

Who shy — he’s not a fighter.

Respectively, and a hint that fit the time when you can come back and engage in a real fight is not lost, as they say, his life "for a pinch of snuff," as many in Belarus did. And they made unrealistic to assess the situation. Since the war and the need to move away, while the respective situation to advance. In war you can get and defeat, but defeat is necessary to draw conclusions on the basis of these findings to get the victory. That’s what political or military struggle — they look like. And because this is a question the depth and meaning at the moment about this read no. And in answer to the question that I asked a journalist, I explained to him directly, on the specific situation in Belarus, with a particular reference to the processes for the events. It is a specific response to the current conditions that exist in Belarus, not abstract reasoning. And what started out — I repeat, I perceive it as a very a cheap provocation agents — many of them on the web, someone who looks perfectly knows.
KaratkevichMany politicians in Belarus is increasingly recognized that they are shy, and you somehow reads optimistic. Whom you have the basic calculation?
PozniakWho shy — he’s not a fighter. Not fighting someone who does not believe in his own strength of victory. And because the future does not need to shy to go into politics, do not need to fight, and then povybivayut teeth and whining will last a lifetime. Victory will be, and I think that this time is coming, it is already visible, it will fail. And this belief gives us reason to work and fight to the same higher energy.

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