Zimouski bestowed the Order Scorina

This order was founded as one of the highest awards municipal Belarus for special awards in national and state revival.
How should the decree of the president, Alexander Zimouski bestowed "for the highest achievements in professional activities," as for the preparation of children’s song contest "Eurovision". For this, together with Zimovsky awarded and his deputy Yuri Azaronak — he was honored worker of culture of Belarus. Sam is the favorite child of "Eurovision" Alexey Zhigalkovich only received thanks from the President.
Order Scorina got Seleznev and Cardin
In different years the Order Skarina honored Russian performers Hope Babkin and Nikolai Baskov, who participated in the election campaign for Lukashenko. This merit got Boris Yeltsin, Gennady Seleznev and Yuri Luzhkov, Patriarch Alexy Capital, French designer Pierre Cardin and others.
Belarusians Order Scorina first received painter Misha Sawicki were later Basil Rainchik Misha Finberg, Anatoly Yarmolenko, editor in chief of "Russian Belarus’ Pavel Yakubovich. Not so long ago bestowed the Order of the Director of the Department of Archives and Records Management of the Ministry of Justice Vladimir Adamushko. It reads:
"It’s quite the highest merit. I believe that it is a merit for humanitarian activities, which is the municipal archive. Essentially State Archives Service had a lot ofe is made. "
Reporter: "And not so long ago was awarded the Order of the Chairman of the State Television and Radio Scorina Zimouski Alexander …"
Adamushko: "It’s none of my business — to assess a fee. This estimate those rewards."
"To Zimouski Kalinowski received the Order, it would be more fun"
Order Skarina was established by the Supreme Council in 1995 and has awarded for significant achievements in national and state revival of Belarus, achievements in the state language, literature, art, and promote the cultural heritage of the Belarusian people.
Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Oleg Trusov recalls that when Belarus gained independence, it had only one merit — Skarina medal.
"And when we did all the municipal system of awards, then appeared and the Order Skarina. Was there and order Kalinouski his later dumped.’m So anyone not bestowed .. Maybe it even to the best. Because to Zimouski received the Order Kalinowski, it would be even more fun. I think that if the government will change, still this award and a medal will remain, but if they will reward anyone, then such people, Zimouski as there probably will not be, "- says Oleg Trusov.
"What reward nor man, he is still what he was"

Historian and heraldist Anatoly Titov time offered the concept of municipal Awards Belarus.
"Once upon a time it was believed that the Order will Constantine Kalinowski. Later uttered:" There worldview "that it is possible to change the order of courage. And I was the one who spoke out against it. And whereupon I have not participated in all these matters. All depends on who rewards and reward anyone. They correspond to the main direction. But the reward of any man, he is still what he was. "
The system of municipal Awards Belarus eight awards — the Order of the Fatherland, "For Service to the Motherland," Medal of Honor, "For personal courage," Order of Friendship of Peoples Order Skarina, the Order and the Order of Military Glory Moms.

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