Zmitser Dashkevich met with Mogilev

In personal public center to see Dimitri came a few 10’s of people — young people prevailed. Most of those who came to the meeting, met with Dashkevich through correspondence while he was in custody.
Mogilev Zmitser Dashkevich spent almost four hours.

Autumn 2006 Mogilev was last city visited Dashkevich. Later he was arrested and nearly 18 months of captivity. What ideas came Dmitry Mogilev again?
"With the ideas of very warm, since leaving here before his arrest, I’ve left a lot of his friends: Artur Finkevich, which then was still on the" chemistry ", the Young, which are very well supported me. ‘Cause I left with such a warm experience, and went back here with such satisfied. With great enthusiasm, with delight like the historical places of Mogilev, opened a lot of new here myself, "- says Dmitry Dashkevich.
At the meeting came a few 10’s of people. Dmitri turned to mass first with words of gratitude:
"The purpose of my coming here — to say my sincere thanks to everyone who supported me in this temptation, supported our company. I am convinced that our solidarity, our shared vision — is the main weapon in the fight against lawlessness in our land."
Questions guest had a lot of. One of them — that helped slaves to overcome difficult tests? Dmitry replied that in captivity before he ate God’s support — she helped him during trials and interrogations.
It was the second question, whether the Belarus has changed during the time when Dmitry was behind bars.

Raisa Kotljarova Dmitry wrote every week
Dmitry Dashkevich with Mogilev lasted half an hour. What memories she left Mogilev?
Old lady Olga was not familiar with Dimitri, but heard a lot about him and wished for him to behold:
"Such a handsome young man, such a struggle it is fair. Mood I recovered, there is hope that someday this will end lawlessness in which we live."
Public activist Igor Shary Dmitry asked the question of whether it must to do with those who knowingly violate the law now, and was pleased with the response:
"It struck me hard and this is evident, consistent position regarding what these people a Christian should just forgive. The only thing he said that, yet, people in such positions should not work, taking such decisions. "
A young mistress Olga struck another:
"Despite the fact that he was a favorite of the organization of the opposition, which is famous for its own activity, sometimes even their own anger, but after talking with Dimitri, I realized that he is a man open. His eyes shone with kindness. Very pleasant youth . "
Dashkevich also satisfied with the meeting of Mogilev:

A week back, January 23, Dmitry Dashkevich two months before the end of his sentence was released from the bullpen Shklou number 17. In captivity activist spent sixteen months. Eighteen-month imprisonment he was punished for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front". Dashkevich was detained on September 15, 2006. Tags:, Mogilev, Dashkevich, Dmitry

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