Zyuzya Poozerie

Near the town of Postavy Ponds tract in the middle of a beautiful pine forest stand housing the former Pioneer camps, crowned by numerous garlands. Somewhere in the midst of trees built small houses with lights inside. Among the larger field — very highest topped Christmas tree. How should pointers of this old homestead Belarusian god frost Zyuzi of Lace.
But while the pan with a retinue Zyuzya not appeared, small tourists heated by the fire, drinking tea from a real savory samovar. A timber filled with the sounds of Russian Christmas pop. Especially touching sounds here couplet "Holy smoke, dyavchonki-zazhygalki amicably people celebrating our Russian New Year."
As explained to me bufetchytsy, Zyuzya delayed in Minsk at telephoto. And I gladly went into another country for an hour, got away from the "Russian New Year" in close to deliver. To those who have always celebrated the New Year Belarusian time. By Olesya and Anton FURSOV, state veterans movement, former friends of the famous Belarusian Union of Patriots, former prisoners of the Gulag.

Reporter: "What kind of mood to celebrate the New Year?"
Anton: "Not a good mood. Cheer. We have over 80. And in general. Our dreams are not realized. Harder to endure."
Ales: "But lay hope. Maybe our children and grandchildren will wait. Hope leaves."
Reporter: "And what is find a reason for optimism?"
Ales: "Listen" Freedom. "This is the only satisfaction for us."
Reporter: "And you have no grudge against the native people? For which so much was put forces?"
Ales: "On people? There. Not always. Sometimes. Passive. Especially at a time when we were still babies. We were units. Who are all aware of and could not accept it. Because we received gave a hint our conscience. As for the others, let them speak for themselves … "
Reporter: "What annoys in this life?"
Anton: "Opposition: I think it is not. They do not do it, I think. Needed make every effort to preserve the language. If there is no language to whom they try? I do not remember that what the action was for the language. Economic issues. Not so bad people live. Without language there is no nation. "
Ales: "We are particularly affected by the tongue first."
Anton: "When we trained occupation Belarusian. All schools were Belarusian. And here came his — and let’s. All the contrary. Patience is not enough. We wonder — will be planted, not jail. Classify among themselves. We were ready, consciously nurtured. "
Reporter: "And what would you wish to present to young people as a little, I mean the Young? Who are not on the Kolyma. Sitting at Orsha and Mozyr?"
Anton: "At first, I wish to thank them. And I wish wish greater sacrifice. They, sometimes, 5 days and give fifteen. And we had on May 20. Year! We did not have the camera television, newspapers. On the other hand look .. . Puppies … And where is Daddy? But all the same. Great men have such. We hope is that our work will continue. "
Ales: "They will never forget. As we remember. Dear friends, our kids. Hold on. We overcame. We were sentenced to 25 years. Hitherto I live. Would you like to live in a decent free Belarus".
Not surprisingly, after SBP defeat in 1947, the city was under Postavy special guardianship Russian gendarmerie. And even an innocent reference to transfer radio "Freedom" could make a person severe difficulties. My subsequent companion, 50-year-old poet Ales Kastsen, ignorant of other times — the era of developed socialism.

Ales: "I persecuted the KGB in 1978 for nationalism. In 1978 the magazine" Belarus "published several poems. A" Freedom "and praised the verses quoted them. And there found something for their anti-Soviet. Later I lost son, in the 78th. And I put the monument and wrote in Belarusian. This they joined. called me. And then in Poland "Solidarity" was. Who wrote me a denunciation? I do not know. But I was ranked as the "Solidarity". I them on these interrogations … When I Belarusian nationalist what does "Solidarity" Polish? "Solidarity" I tumbled and Belarusian nationalism. "
Reporter: "Did you have an insult to the station?"
Ales: "Totally not. I did. Meet me in the town of my teacher. Says:" Look, your poems read on the radio "Freedom". Well, read it. I have not sent there. They took the official magazine, read. "
Reporter: "And it was poetry or satire?"
Ales: "Lyric absolute. But there is something they saw not."
Christmas mood Ales Kastsenya better conveys its freshest poem.
"Refute for you in existence,
abamlely people forever.
You forgot the glory of the ground,
and the dignity of ordinary freaks.
Darted to the Poles or dew.
Give them sad "th".
Emigrant on their own at the same dewy
hot and still the banks.
You minion they’re reliable.
And you give them their own kids.
And following their generation
"Bulbashi" does not distinguish by ear.
So I lost the old faith.
Revival — not our stsyazya.
Now lacks both hands
for the blade that has no blades.
Recognize the inevitable. Agree
beznaymenne own people.
Together with him, povinet or channel.
And curse the gods of the earth. "

When I returned to the estate of Lace Zyuzi, prazdnichek was in full swing. Prior to entering the mansion were several buses from various parts of the country. Most enjoyable was that I got at what time to Belarus. In that one you want Fours in distant 40th. There was no pop. Sounded around the Belarusian language. And not only from the mouths of the actors. Countless audience that filled the forest, also would pick up language game. Listen to the piece.

Actress: "How did before grandfathers, so we’ll call and we zyuzyu. Necessary for you to take a spoonful of porridge, and throwing over his shoulder, said:" Zyuzya, cold kutyu go there! "
Kids’ Zyuzya, frost, go kutyu there! "
Actress: "Look! Here Hurry local hosts. His Majesty, the ruler of cities Dyuzhev winter cold Zyuzya Poozerie with krosotkoy sorceress, blizzard-sister.
"In the world there are a lot of hassle
and deeds, my friends.
Suppose you bring to the New Year
best gifts.
So for you that solemn mood
has promoted deeper sense
heat Fatherland expensive
which there is no sweeter. "

Later, it was dance around eating, during which guests showed Belarusian passionate character. And I this time Sheepish people worried questions.
Reporter: "Where did you come from?"
Lady: "With Borisov. Through a tourist company."
Reporter: "Liked it for you? Either understand everything?"
Lady: "Well, we do not Belarusians? Not internalize whiteRussian language? As you can read as well? Babes know the Belarusian language. All the familiar. "

Yegor Shushkevich, director of tourism services through which we have own Santa Claus appeared pleasant young monarch. He graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Culture. But he went to work in tourism. And came out very successful combination of tourist and cultural manager ascetic.
Reporter: "Whose idea?"
Egor: "That was my first thought. Always motivate me such moment. We have an official Santa Claus in the Bialowieza Forest. Motivate me, if we have, the Belarusians have some old man winter. We started digging folklore, mythology Belarus. And in the end all we fou
nd. liked us Zyuzya name. God from pagan times. Already the third season as we invite guests to Zyuzya of Lace. "
Reporter: "The company successfully?"
Egor: "I think so. Suddenly for me in the first year of a great response came. Guests came to us from Minsk, Vitebsk, from Polotsk. Well and local, of course. B This year we perceived visitors from China, from Russia. The Chinese are very feel cold. We have them at once to the round dance. Expanding. We do this show in the Belarusian language. This fundamentally. Since Belarusians have their own language, their own mythology, its own folklore. There are all his own. We have to take it, and get it to show.
It turns out, if desired, can be done here and now Belarus. And no one it will not cause awkward questions. And the citizens of Belarus at least an hour will feel themselves Belarusians not only on the passport. And kids will get a real charge patriotism. And I think that is absolutely not the case Zyuzya appeared specifically in the province. Where belarushchyna woke up from the time of Vilnius "Nasha Niva". Where in the struggle for language is not afraid to go against Stalin. Nothing disappears without any trace. And the following Christmas evenings Zyuzi Poozerie still respond in our time …

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