115 years Maxim Gorecki

He was destined to live 40 years 5. February 10, 1938 Maxim Garetsky shot in Russian Viazma. Writer’s work until 1960 year was in oblivion. Currently works Maxim Garetsky though not often, but issued. In 1986 saw the release of four volumes of the writer. By centennial Goretskogo released another collection of his works. Whether all said about his work?
With what about Maxim Garetsky not everyone agrees his nephew said academician Radim Gorki. It is associated, as celebrated its centenary Goretskogo so what’s happening at the moment.
Fifteen years ago a symbol of respect for Maxim Garetsky Theatre of Yanka Kupala held a solemn assembly, who visited the country’s top management, headed by Stanislav Shushkevich.
"The feeling is such that it does not seem like a very private Belarusian. Right now 100 fifteen years. Gorecki was reading — it was already sixteen, but also timid. Were only admirers of his work. Neither of 1 representative of our municipal officials or not. And give his obscenities, I would said, "- notes Radim Gorki.
Many of the writer’s works — for example, the recent "Treasures of Life" — came only century in the journal "Flame" and more than not reprinted.

Feeling is such that it does not seem like a very private Belarusian.

In time literary critic Anton Adamovich referred Maxim Garetsky first chronicler of the Belarusian literary history. In his own monograph on Maxim Garetsky he proves that Gorki identified and tried to answer endless questions Belarusian: "Where did it all and that it?"
Maxim Gorki was not only a chronicler, but participated in the fundamental socio-political events leading up to today’s rebellion-independent Belarus.
December 5, 1917, he participated in the First Byelorussian Congress.
"Naturally, it is very impacted. So that was not this Congress, there would BNR. Would not it be, I think, and the Byelorussian SSR. Bolsheviks in Smolensk announced BSSR. There was also the Maxim Gorki. Specifically, in Smolensk, he began to write their own magnum opus, "Two Souls." In it, he pointed dvuhdushsha Bolsheviks "- says Radim Gorki.
In Smolensk Maxim Gorki worked in the newspaper "Zvyazda." In 1919, the newspaper moved to Minsk, and after the announcement of the Lithuanian-Belorussian Republic — in Vilnius.
In Vilnius Maxim Gorki teaches at the First Belarusian Vilna Belarusian gymnasium and teacher courses, edits the newspaper "Our Vision" and "Belarusian News".
Maxim Gorki and participate in political life Vilenschina. January 20, 1922 Maxim the Greek, coupled with a further 30 with 2 activists deported from Vilnius. Polish authorities accused them of agitation against the holding of elections in Vilnius Sejm.
After a short duration of stay in Kaunas Maxim Gorki moved to the Soviet Belarus. Whether he is here in politics? Radim Haretski states that are not officially:
"He was a citizen, he is just a writer, always write the truth. And the truth, unfortunately, and at the moment is not always possible to write."
In Russian Union Maxim Garetsky arrested twice. In June 1930 he was exiled to Vyatka and forbade engage in teaching. In reference Gorki wrote the novel "Vilnius communards" without hope of publication. In 1937, the writer again arrested and February 10, 1938 shooting.
At the moment, Maxim Gorki formulated questions are answered by independent citizens of Belarus.

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