1st tip: shave horrible mustache

"The European Union has come to the aid of two oriental tyrant. It is a dark day for Europe "- says German "Die Tageszeitung"Commenting on the EU’s decision to stop the visa sanctions against Belarusian officials and vzbetskih.

now Lukashenko fooled again with his "election"

"As a justification of their own indulgence European ministers of foreign affairs of the reforms they say that Tipo were held in Belarus and Uzbekistan. Indeed, both dictatorships recently freed opposition and fighters for human rights that have been unjustly imprisoned. But now Lukashenko fooled again with their "elections", — said the German edition.
Views on "Die Tageszeitung", "European policy almost encourages tyrants trafficking. Initially they need without any grounds to arrest their own people … so that later in the negotiations with Europe use them as an object of trade."
German "Berliner Zeitung"Writes:" It is not clear what the EU rewards Lukashenko. Is not he failed the exam on democratic maturity during the parliamentary elections? Or does not clear quickly that flimsy liberalization measures — just dust in the eyes? "
According to the views of the Berlin edition, the EU decision — "a signal that the West is no longer relies on the Belarusian opposition, which failed again, with more in the last election because of itself, than because of the dictatorship." "The EU has apparently abandoned the idea that the opposition could democratic method to change the regime in Belarus", — says "Berliner Zeitung".
"Why do we Belarus?" — That headline article Layanela Binera in English "Guardian. " The creator said that Lukashenko is reviewing its pro-Russian orientation and makes gestures towards the West: the release of political prisoners, some improvement in the last election, although the OSCE did not recognize them neither free nor fair. Biner also recalls the agreement concluded with Lukashenko PR Agency Timothy Bell, To make the best style and reputation of Belarus in the West. "The first piece of advice — awful shave his mustache" — recommends Lionel Biner Belarus leader.
He further recognizes that certain views of skeptics steps Minsk — less than tricks to throw everything as it was: rigging elections and arresting dissidents, but for all this to play the game with Russia and Europe, seeking concessions from both sides. But the creator of "Guardian" does not exclude that Lukashenko can be assured that Belarus may become more attractive to investors even if it would mean abandoning human rights violations. In addition, Biner believes that "a picture of Russian tanks that follow Georgia, hardly anyone cheers in Minsk. And when Belarusians will pay for energoelementy on new, more highest prices, maybe they will curse Putin as well as at the moment they scold Bush "- writes in" Guardian "Lionel Biner.

mainly in order to raspastsertsi European arms to the Belarusian regime, was the August intervention of Russia in Georgia

Czech newspaper "Lidové noviny"Prints Now article" EU lures Lukashenko to take it out from under Russian influence ". As minister of foreign affairs said the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg, — Newspaper — mainly in order to raspastsertsi European arms to the Belarusian regime, was the August intervention of Russia in Georgia and related zeal West bound to discover other potential targets of brutal Russian policy. And in the middle of these targets Ukraine and Belarus are in the first place. "It’s clear that the decisive" — so the Czech Minister replied without hesitation to the question, what role in the decision of 27 members of the European Union has played a strategic point of view, rather than the election itself. "All of us should be clear that the stronger binding of Belarus to the Russian Federation will not allow more democracy. Belarusian economy to a large extent is dependent on Russian, and if we did nothing, Belarus could become personal property"Gazprom"And others," — said Schwarzenberg.

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