45 thousand per month per dog: a tax on love

Where did these numbers? How to live homeless animals at the shelter, "Fauna of the town?" And if needed in Belarus Animal Protection Act?
A resident of Minsk Tamara Gulezava Do not keep your own feelings. She is outraged at the latest figures, the labels on utilities:
"I have an old Doberman who can not even have to go out into the yard, he was such junk. And I came up with" utility bills "Now 45 This five hundredth exactly four times larger deductions for capital repairs, more than 15 times for a fee for gas, more for heating within a month … When paying for an apartment almost 100 thousand additional I pay 45,500 for ailing dog. I think a tax on love. A tax for car owners know what? 25 thousand a year! "
"If you do not have a dog, it does not poison the neighbor …"
In the department of health status and improvement Mingorispolkom comparisons are not realized. Responsible official in which adrekamendavalasya as Raisa E.:
"The fee for owning a dog — it does not pay utility. This tax. Why? Since the dog can even be used for profit. Agree?"
Correspondent"Well, it may or may not be …"
"Yes, but we elect something every yourself — what to do, what to take, what to wear …"
Pleasure to hold and feed the dog praised Minsk City Council of Deputies:
"We — the bureaucrats, and simply ensure compliance with those regulations that are brought to us. All decisions on taxes taken at the session of the Minsk city. So here December 28, 2007 he wasabout the decision of the Minsk city number 102 on the budget of the town of Minsk in 2008. During discussions, it was decided to establish a tax on owners of pets for the introduction of animals … Or even for the introduction, maybe animals in a business. "
In other words, if you earn money on dogs, pay taxes 45 thousand. And when you’re spending money on a dog, buy him food, pay for the services of a veterinarian, of mandatory vaccinations, medications, then you pay … also 45 thousand. In addition, owners of potentially unsafe dogs must pass a three-month training courses in the kennel club. Some classes at the average price of 10 bucks. Nobody argues — it is necessary. But all the disputed amount of tax on the background of such costs.
Taxes on dogs go to those dogs which were thrown

"At the moment, this will begin to just throw dogs, hound … 45 thousand — who is live?" — Sighs Tamara Gulezava.
About thrown on the streets to take care of dogs government. And just to take care of the funds that will receive from pet owners:
"On charges of pets we do very many, and that’s all behold the citizens. Lined enterprise, which can be read as a very long time -" Fauna town. "Raises funds for the construction of hotels for the temporary detention of animals …"
Meanwhile, "Fauna of the town" does not know where to settle stray animals. Times a day to the shelter of their misses more than 20. Cells for their not rubber. If a pet owner is not in a few days, a cat or a dog waits euthanasia. Recently, the shelter planned dezynfektsyya. For this room should have been empty. Appealed to the citizens: to shelter animals only 2 weeks — not to kill them same. People responded: for Saturday only took 16 dogs and 12 cats. Not temporary and permanently, Deputy Director in charge of "Fauna city" Natalia Belyanova:
"When we wrote about this, that before disinfection would be required to kill the animals, people activated and came to help out. But the bad thing is that people know very well: point capture and detention is in the definition of the word" temporary. "And they know that the period of limited . And well aware that if he is terminated, then comes the most vsonvanne. But while you’re about it every day does not begin to read, or do not think about it, or to hope that someone else will do it, or simply do not tense up. A procedure euthanasia there every day … "
Without the law — lawlessness
In almost all countries of the relationship between humans and animals are governed by special laws. We discuss the draft law on the protection of animals in a few years will be able to mark the 10th anniversary. At present the project again sent back for revision. And in some sense it’s the best, says Natalia Belyanova:
"The draft law on animals, unfortunately, we have such that … I went to Kiev for the international conference, showed there our bill, they just laughed. Abracadabra. Is not that the law will be for those people, who do not love animals, but not for the protection of animals. So, on the one hand, thank God that he was not accepted, and on the other hand — without the law very seriously. Britain adopted a law on the protection of animals 200 years ago. So consider, as we are behind the civilized world — for two centuries … "Tags: dog tax

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