A.Belyatsky: This is the only prazdnichek you want to celebrate in the street

Correspondent: It seems that you celebrated the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic of?
Bialiatski: Format celebrating with the same 80s changed dramatically. And this is the only prazdnichek, I am fully convinced that all true Belarusians should celebrate on the street. That was some visualization. After all, we, Belarusians, seen enough here in this Belarusian space. We miss our state symbols, which would have been visible, not enough large-scale celebrations. So that people can gather, celebrate, so it was evident that for people this really means something.
CorrespondentWhat you BNR?
BialiatskiFor me, it means quite a lot. This particular attempt to show that the Belarusians — people that they are capable of producing countries. After all, the country at a certain step of development is the tip of the state of maturity of the people, and it can not jump.

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