A.Fedorov: Dialogue between the U.S. and Belarus is now depending on the Minsk

As spokesman of the South American State Department spokesman Tom Casey, "very principle, so release Kozulin was final. " If unleash political prisoner ahead, "the United States will be ready to begin a dialogue with Belarus on further steps to improve bilateral cooperation"
A Belarusian head of the country Alexander Lukashenko yesterday during a mission of representatives of Belarus abroad, said: "If we go to any compromise with our neighbors, with the Yankees, with the EU on certain fronts, it does not mean that we change the policy, we picked it. We do not have the force before which we can now tremble, humiliated and sag. "
Minsk analyst Andrei Fedorov comments on these expressions:
"In this case I do not I can tell, that the U.S. pressure is observed. Hurry this offer of a compromise. Only one question — will there Belarusian authorities this step? While I have my doubts, because there is a certain personal relationship to the sovereign monarch Lukashenko Kozulin. But if the authorities would meet the wishes of the United States, then, I think, may start some dialogue. "

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