A.Gros: Lukashenko can repeat the same authoritarian dramatizations

Swiss parliamentarian and the head of the PACE mission Andreas Gross is a single western company observers, which allowed monitoring of the presidential elections in Russia.
Almost a couple of days before the vote head of the Russian Central Election Commission and a number of State Duma deputies accused of violating Gross Russian legislation. In an interview with the capital "independent newspaper" the parliamentarian elections criticized for their lack of democracy and such makarom Tipo "made pressure on the Russian electorate."
Gross asked the emperor, or affected someway This, as Russian media wrote, "scandal" on the final official verdyktse PACE?
Gross: "It was not a scandal. I expressed my critical judgment, and in response to criticism from the CEC heard the address in your own. This is normal in the criteria for democracy. Obviously I mean not Russia, and his own approach as a democrat. CEC statement could not in any way affect our verdict, as we are convinced that right. "
Correspondent "Today, as the chairman of the PACE mission, you said that the election results reflect the will of the voters, but the democratic potential of these elections was not fully implemented far" …
Gross: "Elections in Russia were mostly plebiscite population about the last eight years of life of the country. Much of the Russian electorate expressed its support for stability and continuity, which are associated with the current president and candidate Medvedev supported them. Actually, this would come out and then, if elections were held in more correct criteria.
In our report lists many of the errors that occurred in the past year in December during parliamentary elections. Chagrin, but we have is the fact that today’s presidential election cast swing voters freedom itself. There were plenty of irregularities in the registration of candidates, was not improved access of candidates to the media. There was a lot of cases that do not conform to current legislation. Cares more than what was observed specifically in the day of elections. "
Correspondent "Your employee in PACE including PACE subcommittee on Belarus, Estonian politician Andreas Herkel said subsequent: "The fact that the elections were not allowed Kasparov and Kasyanov, Russian election turns into absurdity. Even the elections in Belarus Lukashenko struggled with severe enemy — Milinkevich …"
Gross: "I believe that the Russian and Belarusian elections rather difficult to associate. In expressing my colleagues a lot of sarcasm. Actually The Belarusian opposition, unfortunately, is more complex criteria. In terms of democratic development of Belarus lags behind Russia. But Russian democracy may be honored. Can not be happy about being in a different country becomes even more mistakes. "
Reporter: "How can affect today’s presidential election in Russia on the future in Belarus?"
Gross: "With one side, Lukashenko may be tempted to repeat the same authoritarian dramatizations. On the other hand, criticism of Russian election segodnyaschy PACE should affect people of Belarus regarding their support for democracy. I wish that some lessons from the Russian election Lukashenko issued and ultimately more self-criticism would have reacted to his policies. Unfortunately, such an option is difficult for me to predict. I can not imagine for themselves, that Lukashenko can listen to the PACE parliamentarians from the Belarusian Government House. In This is the meaninge impact of the Council of Europe on Belarus is very limited. "

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