A. Kim bullpen engaged in literary translations

How feels in the bullpen activist Andrei Kim, who will be judged on April 1 in the Central district court of Minsk? I asked this question Mom activist Tatyana Kim. First lady mentioned that the offspring will be judged in the building where he studied at the end of the 1990s Andrei Kim studied at the Belarusian Lyceum, later closed by the authorities.
"On Health says that everything is fine. Reported that engaged in literary translations from the British language. More is not writing about himself, and about me. Calms me" — Tatyana Kim said about Andrew. On March 23, it will give the offspring transmission, the main food, especially to church Easter.
"Easter, because he asked me to give him cakes, cheese, little sausages, and other sweets. These days are his post, and even then he eats. "
Andrei Kim was charged with risk of violence against police officers. Activist threatened a couple of years in prison.
The investigator did not attach to the case Parsiukevich odezhku with traces of his blood
Entrepreneurial movement activist Sergei Parsyukevich visited in prison lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya. Sergei started to get acquainted with the criminal case. Friends activist received a prison of his belongings, which the defense sought to attach to the case. The investigator did not take these things, though, and looked. Activist Siuchyk is responsible for:
"I think it’s real confirmation of the case. One of the things torn, and the second in his blood. This clothes he had on January 21 in the prison in Akrestsin."
Recall, according to investigators, on the day Sergei Parsyukevich Tipo beat Alexander Dulub policeman, but he states that it is the police beat him to the blood and Tipo almost destroyed. But the investigation did not consider odezhku businessman real confirmation.
By fasting for liberation Kozulin joined by his daughter Olga

The 12th day is a relay hunger strike for Alyaksandr Kozulin. B shares are participating more than 10 people. Day before yesterday joined the hunger strike daughter Policy Olga Kozulin.
"We show our protest against what is happening in the country: the persecution of dissidents, repression against the opposition, the presence of political prisoners. We are against such orders."
I recall a day or two there will be 2 year as former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin thrown in jail. Belarusian opposition and many in the world reach its release, as well as the release of Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich. Tags: Kozulin, Parsukevich, com

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