A.Kravtsevich: If not this prazdnichek there would be this power …

Krawcewicz: The most important thing — it is necessary that this prazdnichek become the property of the whole society, not only the Belarusian elite, who celebrates his whole heart in the family, in their own companies. It must prazdnichek whole society. Our task: to assure its existence, do not be lazy to call all his friends and strangers, to congratulate them congratulations, visit the celebration. It is necessary that possible more people know that this is prazdnichek.
CorrespondentWhat is your personal attitude to this event? "
Krawcewicz: This is number 1 in prazdnichek Republic of Belarus. That there was this prazdnichka, there would be no Republic of Belarus. And only a stupid our current government is not aware of this now. They were sitting would be in the best case, the collective farm in the bench, if not the date, this is not a charter, the Declaration of birth Belarusian civilization.

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