A.Makaev: entrepreneurs will prepare the general meeting

According favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev only about 8% of businesses agreed to register private unitary enterprises imply What do entrepreneurs for survival?
Followers of entrepreneurs’ movement say that the situation remains tense. According to Viktor Gorbachev, entrepreneurs are preparing for joint action on March 25:
"His difficulties will pass on March 25. Individual colonies. Lude realized that power wants us: eliminate. Accordingly, our response is a a strong and cohesive on March 25. "
Member of the coordinating council of businessmen Ales Makaeu said that it is planned to gather on October Square, besides the role in the action day will:
"I consider it an honor if entrepreneurs can go to the today. But entrepreneurs will prepare its own general assembly. The date is not assigned, but it is decided at a meeting of the coordinating council of businessmen. "
Favourite "Perspectives" Anatoly Shumchanka believes that at the moment businesses expect first check:
"Those shortfalls from businessmen in taxes will be refunded due to inspections, penalties, forfeitures, and all the rest. During these events, the conflict will erupt with the latest power, it will have a spontaneous, locally temper. Maybe it is not poured out in what- that area. Mass protests will depend on the actions of the authorities. "
Member of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Kryval proposes to organize a public association "Forum 2008":
"On January 21, it was announced the development of the" Forum 2008 ". His need to do, apparently, until March 25, that has been the framework, the program of action, and so on. Naturally, in our conditions, it is not registered. Yet also it is necessary to organize. "
According to the lawyer Sergei Balykina, many businessmen who fled to private unitary enterprises trapped in as fail to work in this format. Commenting on the confrontation between the authorities and businessmen, sire Balykin believes that the authorities are winning:
"That’s confrontation was bad cooperated. Were several groups competing among themselves favorites businessmen. And they could not agree. And most importantly, entrepreneurs are able to develop a common strategy. Made so little spontaneous protest when some weight came to that area- then pursue and achieve that perfect and no one knew. "

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