A. Marachkin historical attractions will create a gallery of Lithuania

According to the plan of the artist, it will be three 10-ka portraits of rulers ON stately princes and public figures who were born on the land and have Litvinsky today’s awareness of Belarusian origin. Together with that, the creator does not rule: in 2009, and will be celebrated when the anniversary date, the gallery can significantly increase the cost of outstanding contemporaries who now continue the work of eminent Protz.
Alex knows how Marochkin, the idea was born in the past year of autumn, when the Lithuanian colleagues invited to the art open-air in the famous Trakai. The event was held under the title "Artists — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania" and was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the chronicle of Lithuania. And although the difference in the interpretation of the historical truth that status to ON in modern Belarus and Lithuania is quite significant, but, unlike Belarus, neighbors intensively preparing prazdnichkom in 2009 year will be extensively to mark this significant anniversary for the whole of Europe. Alex knows Marochkin:

"It comes from that German chronicles, where for the first time in 1009 with the title referred to the area or Lithuaniaand, then Aandtion, or close to it in suguchnastsi. I believe that it is also our date, although the 1000 anniversary we celebrated in Belarus in 1980: Let it was not extensive, but the first mention of the Principality of Turov accounted for 980 years. But it so happened that I started to draw Boguslaw Radziwill, and to this day I have more than 30 sketches, cardboard, which I will translate to the web. And think again draw figures before ON uniformly extending to our time. "

Draw figures to believe that ON uniformly extending to our time

The assets of the sovereign entity Marochkina already have outstanding Belarusians: Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Francis Skoriny Rogneda Simon Budny, Vasily Tyapinsky etc. Those works were distinguished by their own scale. Today’s work will be "moderate", only about a meter, and make a complete directed to a specific theme gallery. But, as the creator, "hooked" for huge figures, and he wants to show to those who are now not very talked about:
"These are people that I do not render, but they left a catchy track in our history. Here I, incidentally, greatly helps the book and help those researches conducted Vladimir Orlov. His" Country Belarus "- I think, a unique encyclopedia of our history. K example, such a person as Salome Rusetskaya — Doctor, unique lady connected with Europe and Turkey, etc. Naturally, it is stately rulers of the Principality. For example, I was very interested in the personality of the Stefan Batory. This is a distinctive personality, soldier, who freed from Polotsk Ivan the Terrible. Naturally induces image Ostrozky. I already have a number of cardboard. Take at least at least some of the 10-s … Here Algirdas. I wish to show it places chunks on a stallion. Also famous person. "
Painter says that his friends and colleagues have inspired "reach" a little closer to the present, showing the place in the history of other recognizable Belarusians. Marochkin Emperor listened to the advice and even added his own gallery in the middle of the rest, ladies range:
"Virtually everywhere are distinguished men, but in fact necessary images of our ladies. Here I referred straw Rusetskaya. Incidentally, almost the first canonized saint in Europe — Euphrosyne of Polotsk, which is firmly embedded in our spiritual life. Closer here — Emilia Plater, at I already have it with cardboard. Yet closer in time — my aunt. More closer, already our suchasnitsa — Larissa and Natalia Heniyush Arsenyev. And, of course, Paluta Bodunova. When I read about it — what a disastrous fate, and what a powerful soldier! guess that I will finish it. Though who knows how things will go on, as if you really caught closer to our time, there is the whole relationship of individuals who fought for an independent, independent, sovereign country. "

Reporter: "That is, it is possible that razrastsetstsa gallery where more than three 10-ka portraits?"
"I think so, if you have enough health. Since I 1st Boguslaw Radziwill made four options. Most first option is on exhibition in Warsaw. Very hunt check is something altogether. But that means something? Will new artists that will knit solve this historical theme. But say again: hunt just the 1000th anniversary of the chronicle of Lithuania and Belarus practically and chronicle (though again I repeat that the chronicle of Belarus where more years) to implement such a project. And most importantly, have the ability to do something. "
Reporter: "Specifically, in 2009 the event is expected to mark the anniversary?"
"We created the organizing committee, I go in there too. Such ideological control of the organizing committee — Mikola Kupava, because he, too many works devoted to our history. And, of course, and we are already planning the exhibition and publication on this topic. In other words, we have the intention to realize that due to our history, and specifically with the 1009 year. "

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