A new «annoying» chuck «Wasp»

A new
Nizhny Novgorod «Commercial Security Agency special products» (AKBS) has developed a new cartridge irritating acts that will join the range of munitions used for equipment traumatic gun «Wasp».
As reported by ITAR-TASS, the new cartridges will be delivered Sergiev Posad Research Institute of Applied Chemistry (NIIPH) developed a non-lethal complex «Wasp».
According to the source agency AKBS, when firing a cartridge irritating act, the target is a viscous liquid, which is the base with the addition of glycerol concentrate reddish pepper. This liquid causes severe irritation of not passing within 30-40 minutes.
As a result, the attacker, who was shot by a special patron, will be required to focus on the removal of an irritant.
Recipe substance used in a new cartridge, passed all certification tests and received permission to mass production. As expected, NIIPH recently received the first batch of 20 thousand new cartridges.
As the agency earlier in the nomenclature of ammunition «Wasp» included only traumatic, shumozvukovye, and signal flares.
Gun «Wasp» is available in two-or quadruply versions and uses for firing ammunition caliber 18×45 and 18×55 mm duralumin sleeve and an electronic igniter. Resettled gun laser designator.
At the end of November 2012 «Osu» included in the official catalog of non-lethal weapons, NATO, in order to standardize a single recommended to purchase member countries of the alliance. In 2013 NIIPH received requests to supply pistols «Wasp» from Switzerland, Germany and South Africa, writes Lenta.ru.
In October this year in Sergiev Posad near Moscow demonstration was accomplished (see video) new versions of the gun «Wasp» (M-09 «Compact») and ammunition to them.

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