A.Sannikav: After 2-embassies incomparable

Sannikov: "And what arguments Belarusian side on reducing the number of employees of the U.S. Embassy? That Washington did not as much diplomats or consular officials? But this is not an argument. I do not know precise numbers of those who wish to travel to the U.S., but such people a lot. "
Reporter: "Do you think that such people even more than those traveling from the U.S. to Belarus? "
Sannikov: "Perhaps so. Besides it is necessary to take into account after September 11, 2001 at U.S. embassies introduced additional security measures. This is also reflected in the work of the consular offices. We know that even at the moment interview conducted more detailed with those who apply for visas. Generally with viewpoint security were doing more work on visas than the Belarusian Embassy. Because I believe that the suspension of the issuance of visas embassy shows that they simply fail to do their duty. "

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