A unique expedition went to the Ice Harbor — place last winter Barents

A unique expedition went to the Ice Harbor — place last winter caravel Willem Barents


Research vessel "Aldan" (based on the type of MKRTM "Laukuva") in 1989, the postroyki/2012 modernization. This converted fishing trawler as a research vessel performs its maiden voyage. That is why the team has been selected with special care.

At the end of September, from Arkhangelsk on the research vessel "Aldan" started the expedition to the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, in order to find the remains of the ship, which in 1596 Willem Barents tried to go from Europe to India.

The initiator and inspirer of the expedition — Dmitry Kravchenko, historian, navigator long voyage, the Vice-President of the Association of Travelers, enlisted the support of Foundation for northern and arctic areas "North — ours!" And the administration of the National Park "Russian Arctic" in whose territory off the coast of Cape disputes (Fr. North, New Earth), and are presumably the remains of the "Flying Dutchman."

The expedition will be the final stage of the team Kravchenko in the Ice Harbor — the place where in 1596 a Dutch expedition led by skipper Willem Barents held its most difficult winter in an attempt to pass the northern sea route from Europe to India.

The technical part of the job search and eventual recovery of the remains of the ship took over the Barents LLC "Gulf Stream" (Severodvinsk), which specializes in underwater and diving operations of any degree of complexity. The unique archaeological finds in the fact that the rise from the bottom of the Barents Sea, parts of the sunken vessel, will allow Russian scientists to reconstruct the first caravel Age of Discovery.


Map of the first expedition W. Barents, made Linskhotenom van.

According to numerous engravings known as the ships looked XV-XVI centuries, but the exact details of the design features of buildings and ship building technologies that have enabled humanity to know the entire globe, the modern science of history has almost no. Among the priceless historical artifacts, sunk with the ship and lying on the bottom of the bay Ice Harbor, the remains of the body, eight guns, three anchors, two Horns and other vehicular equipment.

For a month of work on protected territory of Russia, expedition members put a very ambitious. Among them — the execution of complex subsea engineering works on clearing the body of the caravels of alluvial soil, conducting measurement and fixing underside of the hull caravel, evaluation of its safety and lifting technique and conservation, product recovery artifacts ship weapons (guns, anchors, ship's bell and ship's equipment ), ensuring their preservation and transmission of the museums of the country.

Like last year, an expedition financed by Fund for northern and arctic areas "North — ours!". Foundation President Yuri Neelov attaches great importance to this project and believes that "the work of these dedicated people will increase in knowledge of the history of geographical discoveries in the Arctic regions of Russia, and their research will be unique to the entire world community. And the success of this project may lead to discoveries of world-class. "

Satellite system "Messenger" provides a link to the expedition, which allows us to update the information daily. All the news of the project — the blog: www.carvelbarents.blogspot.com

A spokesman for the project Ajgul Bakiyev

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