A unique laboratory equipment Saratov factory roof!

Potential lifetime fusing roll material depends on its source (inherent in the design) properties. But this does not mean that the materials with the same initial flexibility will have the same life span on the roof. An important role is played by the properties applied bitumen, polymer and other additives to produce roofing materials. 

The best properties of the bitumen-polymer mixture can be achieved in the mixture Content optimal polymer concentration. The polymer content is almost never regulated, and the control exercised only under a fluorescence microscope. Saving the polymer leads to a deterioration of the properties of bitumen-polymer compound and thus shorten the life of the roofing material. It is therefore needs careful examination of durability of the material.

And then the question arises, how to test the durability of the material in conditions as close to reality? To test for thermal aging or leave the sample on the roof and in 20 years to evaluate the results?

  • Camera aging
  • Camera aging

In the laboratory, Plant RUFLEX to determine the durability of roofing materials is carried out a series of studies using climatic chamber fast acting — «QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester». availability of equipment that level until boasts Only one roof production — is RUFLEX plant in Saratov. Climate chamber simulates the processes of artificial aging caused by exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, rain and dew. For every 15 days of testing, the unit reproduces the conditions of aging by about 10, 20, 30, 40 years of use of the material on the surface of the roof. 

Possible visual defects observed:

  • discoloration
  • the loss of light,
  • liming,
  • cracking and / or bubbles.

Major Handbookatatsionnye material characteristics measured with additional test methods every 15 days of artificial aging: the definition waterproofness, flexibility, durability.

For the simulationtion weatherproof camera exposes samples of materials in alternating cycles of ultravioletOn radiation and irrigation water at elevated temperatures. Climate chamber «QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester» — this is the easiest, fastest and accurate way to determine the durability of roofing materials.

But do not forgetsbe appreciated that the principles of durability of the roof, and based on other important factors such as: competent selection of materials and components, the quality of construction works, as well as the conditions under which the installation.

"The lack of information — the main cause of errors at the stage of the selection and installation of the material. Errors lead to reduced performance, additional costs, unscheduled maintenance, and as a result, a loss of customers, because ignorance — not an excuse."

That is why the plant RUFLEX offers its customers a range of technical and information support, specialized training and hands-on training.

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