A unique project for continuous worker training is implemented in the Sverdlovsk region


Creating a system of continuous training of highly qualified personnel for companies in the region provides a cooperation agreement, which is signed by the governor on October 4, Eugene Kuyvashev and General Director of "UMMC-Holding" Andrew Kozitsin.

This is one of the most striking examples of the mechanism of public-private partnership in the field of vocational education. 

 As noted by Eugene Kuyvashev, taking part in the project at once as far as the educational institutions of the city, which soon will merge into a single system at the Technical University of UMMC and provide a multi-level, multi-stage training of highly qualified specialists. "This will be carried out by state, municipal and social order for the workers' representatives of professions. For the Sverdlovsk region is a unique project. Such is gone and so far does not appear even in the plans. Draft today meets all the challenges that put the head of state training for the industry," — said the governor.

According to the document area will finance the renovation and equipping of classes and workshops. Until next year for this purpose will be sent to 60 million rubles.

The company's management, for its part, is committed to invest at least 800 million rubles in the building of the material-technical base of the Technical University of UMMC. One of the key points of the agreement are agreed on the payment of stipends to students most worthy enterprise and employment of graduates produced by the target program. Teachers will undergo training at the company. In addition, UMMC will take part in the development of professional standards of the company.

The university will also be made to increase the qualification of engineering and technical staff, senior and mid-level enterprises. Training will take place in the form of workshops, seminars and conferences. According to the results of training students will be issued corporate certificates.

The governor on this day visited the construction Technical University of UMMC and said good pace of construction of the institution. As the general director of OOO "UMMC-Holding" Andrew Kozitsin, "will start on September 1, 2013. This is only a first stage. Later, perhaps university will be developed and will build additional housing."

The university will be able to simultaneously train 800 people. There soon will be room for theoretical studies, conferences, workshops, training and production design. Students will practice skills on simulators that simulate the actual production situation. The University will be equipped with modern multimedia equipment, a complex of laboratories and specialized training of the working classes. "Such equipment can work", — the head of the region praised the draft.

The training of qualified personnel for the industrial city is very urgent. The head of the region during the visit the UMMC visited the factory "Uralelectromed" visited several shops and observed the production process. He noted that the efficient use of equipment, we need people that can work on it.

According to the deputy head of the department for the production of powder products Ustyuzhanina Alexander, those professionals who come to the company after the target of training, can immediately get up for the machine and get to work: "They in fact are we practice while studying. So by the time of employment, they already fully prepared to integrate seamlessly into your workflow. those who received only basic vocational education, re-training have to. "

Today, working professions students are taught some technical Upper Pishma. Their time and resources as you plan to use for the training of professionals.

Eugene Kuyvashev during a visit to Borough visited one of these institutions — Mechanics and Technology College "Youth". He assessed the conditions in which students are taught and the Cadets and talked with the students. Most of the guys after graduation, plan to remain in the profession and employment in industrial enterprises of the city. Apprentice 11 students Timur Maksyutov presented to the President of the region the project eco-homes with solar panels on the roof and energy efficient equipment, and asked whether to use the technologies on a global scale. Eugene Kuyvashev said that the first steps associated with the transition to energy-saving technology, we are already doing, but it is a very long process.

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