A unique solution for the multiple launch rocket systems


Tests of a new electronic-mechanical fuze for projectiles MRLS completed in the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Devices (NIIEP). It has no analogues in Russia. 

Booked this development Tula "ALLOY" — the creator of such complexes as the "Castle," "Twister" and "Hurricane." In NIIEP note that the work on the new fuse was conducted in 2010. It is characterized by high performance, "which will enter into export contracts for the weapon," the institute reported.

"Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Devices" is included in the Scientific and Production Concern "Mechanical Engineering" (JSC "SPC" TECHMASH ") and is engaged in developing and manufacturing computing devices and control systems for various types of weapons and military equipment. Development and product NIIEP used particularly in mobile systems, guidance Russian

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